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Uploaded by rogueneal on Oct 24, 2005

Immigration to the U.S

July 5, 1885

Hi my name is Savio Barnum. I live in Italy in the city of Bormio in the European country. My life in the Bormio is a life of poverty, despair, pain, and hunger. The city of Bario is a big city and it is scarce of jobs, but I am fortunate to have one, but not a well paying one. I work at a cotton mill and I get paid 50 cents an hour, so life is really tough. But the toughest thing of all about my life is that I have a family, a wife Domino and a son Ermac who is 12 years old and works by helping people out with side jobs. The streets of Bormio are rat and filth invested, with narrow streets and lots of tenements and a few houses, duplexes, and mansions.

Since our country is ruled by a monarchy the political machines that helps run the government with the king is horrible. The political machines are the secret police that are these under cover police working for the King to make it so that people couldn’t speak out against the King and if so they would get shot or put away in jail for years at a time, so not many people spoke out against the monarchy for the republic. And most of the people of Italy wanted a republic but the politics and some upper class opposed that idea. The main 3 reason I want to leave this country is the political freedom. And the political freedom here is very restricted because they don’t let you vote or speak your mind and they restrict what you know and learn. The 2nd reason is life opportunity. I want a country that you can move up in rank in social and economic status and to own your own land. And the last reason I want to leave is because of my son position in life. In this country you have to at age 16, join the army for 5 years or more and my son does not get education because of the cost and my social status.

July 6, 1885

Today I was talking to my friend Luigi and he told me of America and its economic and social prosperity. And he told me there are large amount of land that you can call your own. Also he said if...

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Uploaded by:   rogueneal

Date:   10/24/2005

Category:   History

Length:   18 pages (3,958 words)

Views:   1370

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