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Term Papers 601 - 630

Ole Mac

I live close to a town called, Hot Coffee, down by the Mississippi River with my family on a small farm. I have two brothers and o...

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grayback1 Published on 03/21/2000 1460 Reads Creative Writing

Ignorance in Your High School Principal; My trip to his office

I walked into his office. The look on his face was distasteful. He made me feel inferior to him. Not the way you should feel aroun...

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rosebudbaby Published on 03/19/2000 1349 Reads Creative Writing

If I could give Freedom away

I see on the news, a five-year-old girl is injured in a car accident. As a result, she becomes paralyzed from the waist down. The ...

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Admin Published on 03/15/2000 1578 Reads Creative Writing

Poking Fun at Personal Ads

To the SWF with a PhD: Basically, I’m a nervous person. I’ll tell you now that I’ve never had a date, but I just know that we wer...

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HereIsTaylor Published on 03/01/2000 1892 Reads Creative Writing


Procrastination is more than just a negative custom that needs to be weeded out of society; it is also a cliché‚ a small-talk joke...

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vhack Published on 02/15/2000 1583 Reads Creative Writing

Descriptive Essay - The Dentist's Office

The phone rings and I answer, “Thank you for calling Business Systems this is Mandy how can I help you?” The voice on the other en...

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Admin Published on 02/15/2000 4621 Reads Creative Writing

Welcome to the Underground

While America sleeps safely at night, safe and secure in their world there is another world taking place, a more dangerous and wil...

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spinflowdance Published on 02/08/2000 1268 Reads Creative Writing

The soldier

Travis was a quite a bit older than the other soldiers who enlisted for service during World War 11. He was in his early thirties,...

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looneytjb Published on 02/07/2000 1439 Reads Creative Writing

Welcome To Hell

Welcome to Hell. Please let us enslave you. We'll give you a free t-shirt if you fill out this credit card application... You can ...

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wmason Published on 01/30/2000 1608 Reads Creative Writing

Thinking About Stupidity In Our Scholars

The stupidity in our scholars, like stupidity and arrogance everywhere, follows a model. The model presented here was developed by...

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wmason Published on 01/30/2000 2918 Reads Creative Writing

Junk Mail and the Art of Hype

The art of hype pervades advertising of all kinds. You can see it everywhere you go. It's characterized by its extensive use of ex...

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wmason Published on 01/30/2000 1441 Reads Creative Writing

The Myth of Consumerism

Every society has mythology. In some societies, it's religion. Our religion is consumerism. Ellen Weis, San Francisco's Museum of ...

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wmason Published on 01/30/2000 2098 Reads Creative Writing

The Soul

A forgoten sould come back not Yet in the heart of love Soul loving sould Tremble in the dust only to feel sorrow, To morn the...

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Invu2bme Published on 01/28/2000 1592 Reads Poems


I know about things I shouldn't know about. Things most people dont know about, and dont want to. Rape. A word that haunts many. ...

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Admin Published on 01/24/2000 1807 Reads Creative Writing

Dear Golden One (love letter based on Anthem)

Dear Golden One, IT IS NOT A SIN TO WRITE THIS! I'm very tired of having to hide my feelings for you. My heart is about to explode...

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PythagorasJr Published on 01/23/2000 1540 Reads Creative Writing

Sikh Pride

"Cut your hair, already", some fifth graders said as they pushed me against the hard brick wall. I tried to argue with them, but...

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Admin Published on 01/21/2000 1690 Reads Creative Writing

The Day of Impending Doom: School Again

You wake up lazily during late morning with a smile on your face thinking, "Thank God it's summer!" then the smile slowly fades. Y...

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bob Published on 01/16/2000 1308 Reads Creative Writing

A Million Men and a Donkey

What would you do if you were on a gregarious island with one million men and a donkey? Well, the superstitious beliefs that we co...

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hms59 Published on 01/12/2000 1120 Reads Creative Writing

Self Satisfaction

In the past sixteen years I have faced various challenges that have molded my personality to as it is today. I went through a very...

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Admin Published on 01/10/2000 1442 Reads Creative Writing

Personal Essay - Reading and Writing

Lacking experience in writing and reading, English is my most feared subject. It is the one and only vulnerable spot in my otherwi...

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jacky89 Published on 01/08/2000 1762 Reads Creative Writing

A drunk bus driver and a bad accident.

Sometimes, even from the most unsuspecting people wonderful and profound messages can originate. This is the story of one such inc...

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jmazzino Published on 01/05/2000 1525 Reads Creative Writing

The Oak Tree: A symbol for America

America, our great country, is strong, powerful, and influential. Americans exemplify positive values, selflessness, hospitality, ...

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pagan84 Published on 01/03/2000 1371 Reads Creative Writing

Terrain Force: Universal Invasion

Captain! Sensors pick up a huge fleet of 12,596 ships they out number us 8 to 3148," Brister said in a futile voice. "Arm all weap...

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Admin Published on 01/02/2000 1499 Reads Creative Writing

You Need A...

You need a man, a man like me, Together we will sail across the sea. You need a man who doesn't run away in fright, You need a ...

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Admin Published on 12/16/1999 1595 Reads Poems

The Tale of Lemonman

Lemonman wondered about the injustices of the world. He liked to think of these things. It made him happy. He sat on a bed of nail...

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randomology Published on 12/15/1999 1131 Reads Creative Writing

My Dog

Over the past several months, my family and I noticed that Molly, our 12-year-old dog, had progressively become more torpid about ...

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Admin Published on 12/14/1999 1398 Reads Creative Writing


I awoke, there was a crash on the upper deck. I heard a thunderous crackling from my head above. I ran up the stairs and what I sa...

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Admin Published on 12/13/1999 1567 Reads Creative Writing

Clear Lake

I looked ahead of myself, letting my feet do the work, for a moment. The trail seemed so distant and lengthy in front of me. The b...

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sabra Published on 12/07/1999 1389 Reads Creative Writing

One Summers' Day

I walked over to the refrigerator and helped myself to the orange juice. Sarah was in the laundry room adjacent to the kitchen. Sh...

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sabra Published on 12/07/1999 1432 Reads Creative Writing

Personal Essay

It was a Sunday evening around 6 o'clock or so, one of the many Sunday evenings where I would cruise around with my father in the ...

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vianca27 Published on 12/05/1999 1226 Reads Creative Writing