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Uploaded by Waltohar on May 03, 2000

It must have been around eleven o'clock in the morning when I awoke from a stuffy and uncomfortable sleep, in the back of a moving mini-van. My mouth was dry, my nose was sore, and my eyes itched from sleep crust. A huge yawn escaped from my mouth as I tried to stretch my aching limbs. As I was stretching out, I accidentally kicked my little brother Sam in the head. So much for peaceful sleep, he woke up in a foul mood. He must have thought that I kicked him on purpose because he punched me as hard as he could in my leg. I got really mad at him I yelled " Why did you do that, I kicked you by accident?" I punched him in his chest. Now he was really mad, his screaming and his curses were pretty incoherent. He said something like " Punk why did you hit me?" I said " You hit me first, call me another punk and I'll hit you again!" We probably sounded like two babbling drunks because we were half sleep and using slurred speech. I was about to belt him one more for getting in my face but that was before he yelled "Auntie, Ron hit me!" I said in a whinny little voice " He started it auntie, I didn't do nothing!" "Knock it off you two, can't you see that I am trying to drive?" "Keep quiet before you wake up your grandmother and your sisters", said Aunt Florence as she gripped the wheel with one hand and turned to give us that cold " don't mess with me today stare". That kept us quiet, we did not utter another word after that. As for not waking everybody else up, it was too late for that. Brenda, who is the youngest, awoke first. She was being pretty quiet but the silence would not last. She wanted to stop and use the bathroom but instead of waiting for auntie to find a rest stop she thought it would be better to nag everyone's ears off. Her nagging and whining woke Remy up; she is the oldest girl. The first thing that came out of her mouth was " I'm hungry let's stop at McDonalds" She was not too happy when Aunt Florence told her to look for a ham sandwich in the cooler because we weren't stopping until we...

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Uploaded by:   Waltohar

Date:   05/03/2000

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   13 pages (2,985 words)

Views:   1939

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