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Terrain Force: Universal Invasion

Uploaded by Admin on Jan 02, 2000

Captain! Sensors pick up a huge fleet of 12,596 ships they out number us 8 to 3148," Brister said in a futile voice. "Arm all weapons prepare to vent the plague throughout the universe," Kristin ordered. "Enemy fleet in range," Mandalon said. "Slow to ¼ impulse," Austin ordered. "32 ships against an armada of ships? Their stupid," Golduran said. "Magnificent valor. Tell squadrons one through fifty to attack," Austin ordered. "Captain, they've crossed the minefield," Robert yelled. "Blow it. All ships prepare to engage," Kristin ordered. The mine field exploded destroying 6,250 vessels. "Lock phasers and fire!," yelled Kristen. "You will pay Klingon dog," yelled Scorpius. "To the success of Austin Jarvis, the true Master of the Universe," shouted and praised Dark Specter. "Austin has won!," yelled General Moff as Darth Kliptor began to torture the Romulans. "Sir, I'm impressed they've really lasted so long now I believe it's time to send in the massive vessels," Golduran implied to his attention. "All ships begin the invasion," Austin ordered. The final assault began on the last of the federation fleet but the heaviest of losses came to the alliance 32 ships four destroyed and 4,471 alliance ships remaining. "We are winning this War!," shouted Major Brand. "No we haven't according to this there are 6,250 more ships coming," reported Lt. Brister. "Deploy the bussard ramscoope plague. Lock quantum torpedoes," Kristen Smith ordered. The bussard ramscoops on both warp nacelle were released venting a virogen plague. "Lock and fire!," yelled Kristen. The torpedo hit expanding the plague throughout the universe and knocking the relativity back to the final days of the old universe. On Earth, "Target the sun and prepare to fire," said Eric Menasco. "Don't we can win this war!," yelled the commander Auberjonous. "We can?," Eric replied. "Open fire!," Kristen yelled. The new Relativity destroyed Valtron's support ships as all federation and allies fleets made a final stand which destroyed his ship, the Alliance, and the Draak. The portal to the other universe sucked them in; Valtron, the Alliance, and finally the Draak into the abyss. "Welcome home who ever," said a voice. "This is the starship U.S.S. Relativity-A under command of Captain Kristen Smith and damn do you look ever so good," Kristen said. In the abyss, "I was defeated after two-thousand years humans out race3s the humans beat me!," Valtron said as he began to cry. "Your not alone. Valtron," said Austin. "So the Sha' Kurians were...

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Uploaded by:   Admin

Date:   01/02/2000

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   2 pages (522 words)

Views:   1578

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Terrain Force: Universal Invasion

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