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Water Girl

Anne stood on the beach, paralysed with fear. Around her she could vaguely hear the sound of her mother’s terrified screams. She k...

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catfoley Published on 11/19/2000 1379 Reads Creative Writing

The Swirls of Emotions

Emotions can be classified, according to your personal experience, into three different categories: happiness, sadness, and anger....

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Admin Published on 11/16/2000 1431 Reads Creative Writing

Engrave new Footprints in the Sand

There were two strolling hearts that reposed on a huge rock at a near shore. As the sunset revealed its passion, they watched over...

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Admin Published on 11/16/2000 1688 Reads Creative Writing

Thank God For Believers

A single lie entangled my thoughts with confusion, Like rumors through a hallway, the lie continues to grow. Now spun is a web o...

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Admin Published on 11/12/2000 1770 Reads Poems

The Name Judith

Is it important to know what is behind your name? Now in days, many names are given without knowing their meanings or where they c...

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lovelyeyes81 Published on 11/10/2000 1514 Reads Creative Writing

Problems With my Neighbors

How are your neighbors with you? You are lucky if they treat you as a member of their family, but what about if it is the contrary...

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yangmorris Published on 11/09/2000 1804 Reads Creative Writing

It's my life

Hi! My name’s Perrine Daphne Jess Nenaide Rankanishu. Wondering why my name sounds a bit exotic? As u can tell, I am a Eurasian. M...

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guess_what Published on 11/07/2000 1532 Reads Creative Writing

In the Night

Listen to our loud silent dear God Listen to our cry; We fall to your feet Yet our cries are not heard; We died under fear By...

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Vickria Published on 11/06/2000 1369 Reads Poems

Mountain Walking in the Andes

Assignment title: “To write a first person narrative and description account of a holiday based on personal experience (give own t...

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Indo_bomb Published on 11/02/2000 1404 Reads Creative Writing

River Journey in Brazil

Dear Irene, I would first like to thank you, for encouraging me to enter the competition and I could not believe that I won. As s...

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Indo_bomb Published on 11/02/2000 1326 Reads Creative Writing

Rape Of Innocence

Casting your eyes up, Towards the star pierced sky, The sky stained crimson red, A piercing gaze from the person opposite, S...

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gantoris Published on 10/29/2000 1615 Reads Poems


My lips so tainted In the blood they tasted. Created in the mists of time I stand naked in the moonlight, Skin glistening in t...

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gantoris Published on 10/29/2000 1576 Reads Poems

Thirty Years from Now

As I sit here, I wonder what I will become; all I see is pure success like no one has ever seen. My life is full of great and achi...

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Admin Published on 10/29/2000 1467 Reads Creative Writing

Do You Think?

Do you think? When was the last time you really sat down and thought about something? Was it a few minutes ago or a few months ago...

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Filtergirl15 Published on 10/28/2000 1381 Reads Creative Writing

Almost High : My Experience at the Homecoming Dance

It's Saturday night and I'm in my snug but not skin tight blue spaghetti strap floor length dark royal blue dress, all ready to go...

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Filtergirl15 Published on 10/26/2000 1384 Reads Creative Writing

Questioning Existance

If I really exist Please explain why I am not a Group of dozen drunken women or a statue full of chocolate coated peanuts Or...

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s Published on 10/21/2000 1339 Reads Poems

Huanted House

I could not sleep that night, for I was not given the chance to. For numerous times I had been yelling at my cousin to lower down ...

Save Paper Published on 10/20/2000 1409 Reads Creative Writing

A World Unknown (My Trip to Europe)

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed about traveling overseas. Strange lands, exciting places, and new cultures have always fa...

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astrickland2 Published on 10/15/2000 1659 Reads Creative Writing

Porphyria's Lover and My Last Duchess

Compare the two poems ‘Porphyria’s Lover’ and ‘My Last Duchess’ by Robert Browning. What do they reveal about attitudes to women a...

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shortjonathan Published on 10/10/2000 2959 Reads Poems

Procrastination and Sloth the Spice of Life?

I’m what most people might call lazy, lethargic, and a procrastinator. How did it start? The first specific instance that I can re...

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redhavix Published on 10/06/2000 1171 Reads Creative Writing

Special Friendship

I walked home from school, carrying a heavy load of books on my aching shoulders. Each step I took was accompanied with a wish tha...

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V_Nefertina Published on 10/03/2000 1391 Reads Creative Writing

Being A Millionare Isn't For Me

“You have just won a million dollars!” shouted Regis on the most popular show that has ever hit television. A fifty-one year old r...

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sal143 Published on 09/25/2000 1388 Reads Creative Writing

Life and Chess

To run, to hide, to fight, Are the questions we face, day and night. To run, to hide, to fight, You have options, choose well, ...

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windrider Published on 09/14/2000 1813 Reads Poems


Seriously, I only witnessed the sunset few times during my existence. Though explanation may take quite some time, but do allow me...

Save Paper Published on 09/06/2000 1963 Reads Creative Writing

King Midas

Long ago, during the time of knights and dragons, there lived a king named Midas. He was considered one of the richest men on eart...

Save Paper Published on 09/04/2000 1733 Reads Creative Writing


Mark detested himself – for being so brainless at times, for the lack of ideas within his head when there was meant to be enough t...

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xhodrebel Published on 08/31/2000 1161 Reads Creative Writing

The Kiss

Hesistant, he feels Drumming his fingers against his side Keeping cool, as he tries Directing attention to the sky Nevously, h...

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xhodrebel Published on 08/31/2000 1602 Reads Poems


When things go wrong, When things don't go the way you wanted, You know it's the right time To call it quits. He or she wouldn...

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xhodrebel Published on 08/31/2000 1594 Reads Poems


Anthony, soaked in his own perspiration after a friendly soccer match, barged through his classroom door angrily, with his soccer ...

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xhodrebel Published on 08/29/2000 1018 Reads Creative Writing

Revenge at it's Sweetest

Only a few slow moving tumbleweeds occupied the desert terrain. The endless plain of dust and hot dry dirt seemed to have no occup...

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Admin Published on 08/27/2000 1502 Reads Creative Writing