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Uploaded by gantoris on Oct 29, 2000

My lips so tainted
In the blood they tasted.
Created in the mists of time
I stand naked in the moonlight,
Skin glistening in the moist morning air.

Once the king of dragons,
Usurper of a thousand nations.
A god amongst the mortals,
Now it all lies in ashes,
Wind blowing the dirt gently away.

The world changed,
As did I, the world I knew,
Is nought but a mirage
A fragment of my past,
Now I cower from the night.

I fear for the ashes may return,
And bring forth the final blow,
Ashes of crimson and blue,
Powers unmatched hide within them
Power to run my blood cold.

I join the beggars and the homeless,
Hiding from the ashes,
Hoping for a chance of forgiveness.
Can the god Yahweh be so cruel?
So merciless on those he loves?

Oh I wish to return to the ashes.
Became dead again, no longer feel the fear,
The wrath of god,
Has my god deserted me?
And left me in the ashes?

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Uploaded by:   gantoris

Date:   10/29/2000

Category:   Poems

Length:   1 pages (143 words)

Views:   1110

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