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My First Concert

Uploaded by smash on Nov 27, 2000

The young boy motioned with his arms where to park, as the vehicle came to a stop. My friends and I got out of the car and looked up to see a line of people waiting to get inside. I asked them "So what now? ", since this was my first concert, I did not know what to expect. They said, "Hear that?" I listened and heard music playing in the background. We started walking towards the end of the line that had formed. As we grew closer to the gate, the music got louder, and my heart beat faster.

While waiting in line, we compared biceps sizes and talked about what bands were going to be playing. Finally, we got to the gate, gave the man our ticket and entered the arena. There must have been thousands of people all gathered here for this concert, drinking, talking, and getting tattoos done. We approached the stage where the first band was playing and everyone was at the one stage listening to the music. I took my shirt off and headed to a small fire that had been set on the ground. A circle had formed around the fire and people were pushing and swinging their arms as they ran around it. No one could hear anything else or knew anything else existed except for the sound of the music.

The sun was setting,and the last two bands were going to play next, Slayer then Slipknot. Slayer entered the stage, and I knew this was a bad time to be near the enormous crowd that had formed in front of the stage. The last concert Slayer played at, the fans ripped their seats out of the ground, which had been bolted into solid concrete, just so they would have an area to mosh. When the band started to play, the crowd threw trashcans, bottles, CD’s, anything at all, just because they wanted to create chaos. As I watched from the side, I saw people exit the crowd with cuts on their faces, and an ambulance stood ready for anything serious. There were three clouds of smoke from fires that had started, and I could smell the plastic that was used to fuel the fires. Even the police that were there did not try to put the fires out inside the crowd, for fear that they would get mobbed.

After the band finished,...

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Uploaded by:   smash

Date:   11/27/2000

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   3 pages (701 words)

Views:   1525

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