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Do You Think?

Uploaded by Filtergirl15 on Oct 28, 2000

Do you think? When was the last time you really sat down and thought about something? Was it a few minutes ago or a few months ago? Our society is so reliant on someone else thinking for them that we have become a co-dependent culture.

Did you watch the news today? Was some guy on a killing spree? A serial killer. Did you ever wonder if they felt any mercy for the person as they killed them, each one of them? Or maybe they were merciless and they felt nothing. Or maybe, just maybe, they are a figment of your imagination.

Did you wake up this morning or are you still dreaming? Or are you possibly in a computer generated and controlled world that will keep you there until you wake up, like in the movie the Matrix?

Are people fond of you or do people hate you? Maybe as you were walking past that person this morning and you said hi and they smiled and waved back, they were just doing it to make you go away. Or maybe they have a crush on you. Maybe, in the middle of that movie you were watching in English class, there was a subliminal message that said "FOOD" and so you thought you were hungry.

Is there really an afterlife or do you just die and cease to exist? A Heaven? A Hell? ANd ghosts. Are they there? Are they what give you the shivers when you're waking up in the middle of the night, wondering if someone is lurking around the corner? ALiens? Do they exist or are they just some media generated piece of America's collection of dreams? If they do exist, are they of higher level of intelligence, lower, or the same? Would they be out to harm us, be friendly, or just be like us? Would they be us? Maybe they have blue skin, twenty tentacles on their head, and purple hair. Or maybe they look just like us and exist in some far corner of the universe. And, yes, the universe. Have you ever thought about how far the universe goes? Does it ever end? Maybe if one went far enought they'd reach some place of being beyond a human's comprehension? Wormholes also referred to as "black holes" ; there is a theory that states that if someone were to be sucked into one that they would...

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Uploaded by:   Filtergirl15

Date:   10/28/2000

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   3 pages (571 words)

Views:   1296

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Do You Think?

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