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K went to L

Katie loved Luke, he loved her too. They went out for a moment or two. It ended so soon, he wanted her back. Courtney wen...

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honeybaby_05 Published on 06/16/2001 1530 Reads Poems

Taking Fate's Hand

Angry red welts mar the paper Not unlike those that cover my body And those that scar my mind I am my own victim The pen str...

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foreverdreaming Published on 06/15/2001 1568 Reads Poems

Dying To Be Thin

I'll creep into your life like a small, meaningless leak, I'll be everything you think, everything you speak; Your days of self-...

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silvertable Published on 06/15/2001 1843 Reads Poems


Like the brown petals of a wilting rose My own soul withers and dies Trapped in a placegoing nowhere It waits for time to demis...

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jo-cinda Published on 06/15/2001 1554 Reads Poems

When is Forever...

Why Do You Make Me Cry… Make Me Hurt So Badd Inside…Make Me Believe in Your Lies…You Say you Love Me now Always & Forever but for...

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BeLLoAMOReMIO Published on 06/14/2001 1328 Reads Poems

All In My Head

*Before I start, please don't think that I am suicidal. I wrote this a LONG time ago. Please read/rate this for it's poetic cont...

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kbmanchu Published on 06/14/2001 1662 Reads Poems

Personal Experience

I walked into the house from basketball practice at six pm. The remains of the vase that was on the stand beside the door, lay at ...

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lonely12 Published on 06/14/2001 1540 Reads Creative Writing

Sonnet about Death

Death is full of sorrow and surprise Sooner or later it comes at anytime. Even though I do not remember my demise In my hearts...

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TheGAme Published on 06/10/2001 1845 Reads Poems

How to drive your teacher crazy

Everything is possible. Are you tired of being a normal kid in school, doing everything perfectly and doing your homework always o...

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abcdefghijklmn Published on 06/09/2001 2746 Reads Creative Writing

My Dream Meal

High on a mountaintop overlooking the shoreline of Cruz Bay in St. John of the U.S.V.I., there sits a small restaurant called “Cha...

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monoxidechikk Published on 06/02/2001 1562 Reads Creative Writing

Life = Destruction

Earl. It rhymed with girl. He always took a lot of heat for that. But that was before the Easter egg. The extraordinary Easter egg...

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Charlie999 Published on 05/24/2001 1543 Reads Creative Writing

The Painter

Suddenly, he woke up. He sensed that the train had stopped. “Am I in Beijing?” John Gwen thought. He looked around and saw Tianjin...

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Charlie999 Published on 05/24/2001 1449 Reads Creative Writing

My Most Embarassing Day Ever

Dear Diary, Today was the most embarrassing day of my life. I hope this will never happen to me again. Here’s how my day went. ...

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DJLEATHAL Published on 05/21/2001 1645 Reads Creative Writing

Troubled World

Dark clouds drew closer to Paddington square. Thick drops of rain broke as they hit the ground. A frozen sculpture of an eagle sta...

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Mohammed Published on 05/20/2001 1611 Reads Creative Writing

The Bridge

July 1st 2001 Sweat poured down my rugged unshaved face, bathed in my camouflage, and dripped on my MP5 sub-machine gun. As I ran...

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petedogg16 Published on 05/16/2001 1636 Reads Creative Writing

Who Am I?

I am a loving mother, a faithful partner, a loyal friend and a devoted child. Love and Family are very important to me, and I stru...

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obxjenjen Published on 05/12/2001 2105 Reads Poems

The Long Walk

Walking, there is no end in sight: stranded on a narrow country road for all eternity. It is almost dark now. The clouds having mo...

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belushiraf Published on 05/06/2001 1506 Reads Creative Writing

My Friend, Chris

There are many people in this world who hold great reputations. There are far fewer people who posess great character. A reputatio...

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ccchhhrrriiisss Published on 05/03/2001 1579 Reads Creative Writing

It's a Caring Society - Do we love our neighbour?

At a moments thought we might say yes – yes it is a caring society and yes I do love my neighbour. Who does your neighbour include...

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Lainey Published on 04/30/2001 1469 Reads Creative Writing

The poor grass in the new place

I am strangely idealistic early in the morning. I almost feel like singing sometimes. There is something about Times Square at 7:3...

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jenonthelake Published on 04/30/2001 1575 Reads Creative Writing


For a long time, I saw her almost every day on the train. Her gravely voice would prompt me to look up and then quickly look down....

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jenonthelake Published on 04/30/2001 1316 Reads Creative Writing

On Being Dominican

There is something about Times Square at 7:30 AM. You notice a lot: The desolateness, the workers in their blue jumpsuits, loading...

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jenonthelake Published on 04/30/2001 1510 Reads Creative Writing

Broken Heart

She sits and stares Those beautiful tears rolling by; Little did she realize that she was in a world where nobody bothers - ...

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shirleym Published on 04/25/2001 1798 Reads Poems

In every posible way

Creeping on up like night Rushing through like day, Love came and grasped me In every single way. Sweetening like chocolate...

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shirleym Published on 04/25/2001 2164 Reads Poems


Don't tell me to shut up don't tell me to give up I am too strong And my love won't be denied. Don't tell me it's over Di...

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shirleym Published on 04/25/2001 1337 Reads Poems


Midnight, I come across the sky as I look out the window in my small old house. I reach my head out, as the moonlight holds me do...

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Voxximinna Published on 04/12/2001 1632 Reads Poems


Forget his name, forget his face Forget his kiss, his warm embrace Forget the love that you once knew Remember now, there's ...

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Angell Published on 04/10/2001 1781 Reads Poems

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder if there's anything more than this, I wonder, "do we really exist?" Sometimes I wonder "Is that really me?"...

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Angell Published on 04/10/2001 1695 Reads Poems

My Trip to Wildwood, New Jersey

One of the best vacation spots and most fun are down the shore in Wildwood, New Jersey. Wildwood consists of a boardwalk with tons...

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coolkris15 Published on 04/09/2001 2537 Reads Creative Writing

Why You...

Why you starin' quit that hatin' ya dont wanna start me. Im goin crazy all my friends are lazy. You cant faze me, dont play with m...

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DaCrazyPim Published on 04/05/2001 1437 Reads Poems