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Who Am I?

Uploaded by obxjenjen on May 12, 2001

I am a loving mother, a faithful partner, a loyal friend and a devoted child. Love and Family are very important to me, and I struggle to find time for all my loved ones, for without these treasured relationships, my life would be meaningless.

I am a pioneer on a quest of personal growth, constantly in search of truth and knowledge, always longing to travel to places unknown, whether physically or spiritually. I believe that all of our experiences help us to be the person we were destined to be, therefore, we should be thankful for our mistakes as well as our triumphs, and live our lives with no regrets.

I am a diplomat, struggling to keep the peace with all those around me. I believe that we are all brothers and sisters, children of the same divine power. Sometimes I become disenchanted with society, the state of the world, and how people treat each other, and it saddens me to the point that I want to shut myself off so I won't have to see it.

I am a spiritual being. I believe that we can each find a piece of heaven inside ourselves if we look hard enough. Although I'm not a follower of any one religion, I am tolerant and accepting of all beliefs. I believe that what the Christians call "God", the Native Americans call "The Great Spirit", the followers of Islam call "Allah", and the Buddhists recognize as simply "the Void", are all one and the same, different interpretations of the divine power that lives in and around all of us.

I am a free spirit. I like to go where the wind takes me. I love to swim in the ocean and look at the moon. I love to ride on a galloping horse's back and feel the wind in my hair. Sometimes the responsibilities of work and family cause me to be discontented and bored with life. I have made bad choices, and chosen to escape from this discontentment and boredom with the use of certain substances.

I am an addict. I am different that everyone else in this room, yet we are all the same. Maybe we are born more sensitive than most people, which leads us to try to escape in some way. Maybe our special kind of sensitivity causes us to be more susceptible to this disease called Addiction. But I believe it can...

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Uploaded by:   obxjenjen

Date:   05/12/2001

Category:   Poems

Length:   2 pages (419 words)

Views:   2247

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Who Am I?

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