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Life = Destruction

Uploaded by Charlie999 on May 24, 2001

Earl. It rhymed with girl. He always took a lot of heat for that. But that was before the Easter egg. The extraordinary Easter egg. Earl’s extraordinary Easter egg…

He got it as a gift from his mean cousin Katie that never was and never will be nice to him (she kept teasing his name). It looked like nothing special to him. Probably just some chocolate inside but it definitely wasn’t an ordinary egg. This egg contained extra-terrestrial contents that have enormous potential. As he unwrapped the cheap aluminum wrapper encasing the egg, a little note fell out. At first, what seemed like an encoded language scribbled on the note moved its lines around and became American English.

This is the pod of life and destruction. In the pod contains objects from the seventh dimension. Its purpose is to continue the mere existence of the universe by destroying much of it.

3,465,735,180,261 EUs received 32 EUs needed

Note: The reader of this is cursed with the occupation of feeding the pod the energy it needs to complete its objective.

Nice prank Kate but this is too stupid to be funny or scary, Earl thought. As he was about to throw it out, he noticed that the egg felt warm to his touch. He easily broke open the plastic shell and inside was a very strange looking object. It looked like a cool blue rock that shimmered like water. It felt like slick rubber but it bended and changed shape like Jell-o. This is weird, Earl though.

As he was running out the kitchen door to ask Katie about this, the “thing” slipped out of his hand and a bounced straight up a couple hundred feet. While it was still going up, it disappeared. Uh-oh, Earl thought, it’s going to do whatever it’s supposed to do! Then, it warped back into existence right in the palm of Earl’s hand! Weird, Earl thought, better not tell Katie right away.

At night, he put the pod under his pillow. It just made him feel safer when it’s in his hands than in his parents bedroom. Next morning, he felt really tired. He glanced at the slip and was shocked at the numbers on it. It read that instead of 32 EUs needed, it only said 3. Uh-oh, I looked at the back of the slip and found more words on it. It said that EU stood for energy unit, which was...

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Uploaded by:   Charlie999

Date:   05/24/2001

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   4 pages (900 words)

Views:   1682

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Life = Destruction

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