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Science And Technology

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Term Papers 121 - 150

Ferroelectric Molecular Optical Storage Nanatechnology

The patents protect a new and unique method for a semiconductor integrated read/write head using a high-k dielectric ferroelectric...

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fedrive Published on 03/04/2002 664 Reads Technology

Tanks, the evolution of tank technology

Ever since the introduction of the tank into modern ground combat, it has been a bold symbol of armies of all countries. Its begin...

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agatina Published on 03/03/2002 1001 Reads Technology

Human Origins

Many people have different views regarding the same topic. Over the years, countless theories have been brought forward to answer ...

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frollypoo Published on 03/02/2002 751 Reads Science And Technology

Technology's Effect on the Acquisition of Knowledge

For a class called 'Theory of Knowledge.' As I walked into my younger brother’s elementary school one day to pick him up, I was...

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Voltaire2202 Published on 02/28/2002 497 Reads Science And Technology

Tree Free Paper

Eventually, at the current rate of deforestation, there will be no trees. We must look for alternatives to wood fibers. I for one ...

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AlPhA Published on 02/21/2002 745 Reads Science And Technology

Internet for Dummies

The Internet is a huge network of computers spanning the lengths of this planet and is now started to bring in the surrounding are...

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AlPhA Published on 02/21/2002 807 Reads Science And Technology

The Biology and Operation of a Septic System

Introduction to Septic Systems The septic system is a grouping of components working together to decompose household waste water....

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picco20 Published on 02/09/2002 821 Reads Biology

GPS - From Stones to Satellites

The Stone Age In the early days of man, navigation was composed remembering objects as fixed points of reference. Leaving a trial...

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picco20 Published on 02/09/2002 560 Reads Science And Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the branch of computer science concerned with programming computers to exhibit intelligent behavio...

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harry_sacks Published on 02/07/2002 488 Reads Science And Technology


Evolution is "an unpredictable and natural process of temporal descent with genetic modification that is affected by natural selec...

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kaileen Published on 02/05/2002 309 Reads Science And Technology

What is Anger?

What is anger, an emotion, a response, or a way of life? In some cases all three may be a reality. According to Charles Spielberge...

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Chrissy1103 Published on 02/04/2002 714 Reads Psychology

James Russell and the Invention of the Compact Disc

James Russell was born in Bremerton, Washington in 1931. His first invention, at six years old, was a remote-control battleship wi...

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adaTude Published on 01/20/2002 1194 Reads Science And Technology


The word pharmacology comes from the Greek word for drug, pharmakon. Pharmacology deals with the actions of drugs on the body, dev...

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Stephie Published on 01/16/2002 713 Reads Biology


Depression is a chronic mood disorder characterized by persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and irritability. Many peo...

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adaTude Published on 12/23/2001 727 Reads Psychology

Water Pollution

Water pollution occurs mostly when people overload the water environment with wastes. It’s defined as contamination of streams, la...

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adaTude Published on 12/23/2001 695 Reads Science And Technology

Down syndrome and Spina Bifida - cause, effects and treatment

Many individuals are born with defects due to genetic factors. Some such defects occur because the child inherits a defective gene...

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chalice Published on 12/10/2001 859 Reads Biology

Critically evaluate the role of sympathy and empathy in the study of prosocial behaviour

Prosocial behaviour is primarily linked to theories and ideas of helping. It is described as the interaction between helpers and r...

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friar Published on 12/05/2001 594 Reads Psychology

Alternative Methods of Pest Control

It was early morning, October 23, 1999 in Taucamarca, Peru. A farmer had prepared the milk powder for the school children’s breakf...

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Admin Published on 11/28/2001 921 Reads Science And Technology

The True Hacker: A Distortion of Reality

Over the years, to this date, the media has distorted the definition of a hacker. It has been morphed and demonized to someone who...

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devicenull Published on 11/16/2001 687 Reads Technology

Environmentally Friendly Alternatives To The Combustion Engine

In the past decade there has been a great deal of worrying about what will happen when the world’s oil supply becomes depleted. Th...

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JAdams Published on 11/11/2001 390 Reads Science And Technology


Anemia is a disease of the blood. Anemia is characterized by a deficiency in red blood cells or in the concentration of hemoglobin...

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gurly50013 Published on 11/11/2001 1243 Reads Biology


Since the dawn of humanity, there has been a single question that has puzzled even the greatest of philosophers and scientists. Hu...

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Phil Allemang Published on 11/08/2001 310 Reads Science And Technology


What is Autism? “Autism affects more than 400,000 Americans, between 10 and 20 of ever 10,000 people in the United States” (May...

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vern033 Published on 11/05/2001 1889 Reads Science And Technology

ADD/ADHD: A Decision That Can Change a Life

Although American culture has changed over the years, parents today still want what is best for their children. Why then, are pare...

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cognetto Published on 11/05/2001 589 Reads Psychology

Role of parenting

Role of Parental Motivational Practices in Children’s Academic Intrinsic Motivation and Achievement (Gottfried) Article Summary...

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cognetto Published on 11/05/2001 624 Reads Psychology

Technology and the state

'Technology, above all else, has changed the nature of the state, not least in terms of making boundaries permeable' In discuss...

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ashdavies Published on 11/05/2001 486 Reads Science And Technology

Confidentiality of individually identifiable health information

Criterion A: Describing the issue The misuse of private health care information can cause discrimination against others in societ...

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cliffordsmit Published on 11/04/2001 678 Reads Science And Technology

Skin Cancer: Melanoma

What causes melanoma? Scientists do not yet know exactly what causes melanoma skin cancer, but we do know that certain risk facto...

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alexxx_lev Published on 11/04/2001 685 Reads Biology

The Internet, is it a boon or a bane?

With the Dotcom gold rush and the advent of the Internet, the world has proliferated and grew more sophisticated. The Internet, ju...

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keeman Published on 10/31/2001 1287 Reads Technology

Light Pollution, All About Its Effects!

Some people might think its the opposite of heavy pollution! But NO, Light Pollution is man made light that falls outside the area...

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alexaylen Published on 10/29/2001 750 Reads Science And Technology