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Artificial Intelligence

Uploaded by harry_sacks on Feb 07, 2002

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the branch of computer science concerned with programming computers to exhibit intelligent behavior (oxford dictionary). In an age where the threat of warfare is not out of the question it is not surprising that a lot of advances have been made in the field of military AI. With this increased demand for more intelligent, more dependable programs, algorithms, and expert systems to run these robots, it is obvious that the field of robotic studies is very important. Work on AI began in the 1950's with researchers wanting to use a computer to model the way a human thinks. This new field quickly took off, but had its difficulties due to the inability to produce anything that really resembled human intelligence. Eighteen years ago Marvin Minsky would have been called crazy for stating that AI is the newest and most advance type of technology. These days, Minsky, and the theory of AI is the most respected field of research.

What is intelligence? The best way to try and describe what intelligence is to list some features that we would expect an intelligent being to have. Speech, the ability to make ones own decisions, to have emotions, Etc, these are all characteristics of an intelligent being. With the co-ordination of Minsky and the Military, they have been able to harness this intelligence and center it into a highly advanced computer system allowing for the largest leap in reaching the closest step in reaching Artificial Intelligence.

Over the years, the ever increasing and expanding research on Artificial Intelligence, particularly in the field of Military defense, has seen the development and implementation of many commercial and industrial applications that utilize the link between the theory of AI and the military. The advances in the military has seen the development of expert missiles, combat training and highly advanced weaponry. However all these systems hold a great weight on their ability to make a large impact on the increase of world safety. This is why the development of AI and the implementation of human-like qualities has finally been used, to increase the intelligence of a “computer” to have its own responses. Robotics is the first and probably the most advanced way to harness AI. Generation 5 is the most advanced military based robot to come out of the research on Artificial Intelligence by the military. Generation 5 stands for the fifth step in the...

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Uploaded by:   harry_sacks

Date:   02/07/2002

Category:   Science And Technology

Length:   4 pages (952 words)

Views:   2071

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