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Term Papers 1 - 30

Guatemala Economy and Banking

In twelve pages Guatemala's system of banking and its role in the country's economic evolution are examined. Eight sources are ci... ...

Budgeting that is Nonmanufacturing and Manufacturin

In five pages these types of budgeting are examined in terms of primary elements with topics including material usage, purchasing ... ...

Basic Economic Theories and Inflation

In nine pages inflation is discussed in a consideration of basic economic theories including predictability, trends, recessions al... ...

Abortion and Personal Resistance

In five pages this paper examines abortion in terms of various personal resistance positions. Three sources are cited in the bibl... ...

Family Albums: A practical analysis

Since their inception in the 1860s, family albums have played an important role as the promoters of familial ideology and treasure...

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acidpink Published on 04/21/2001 1710 Reads Miscellaneous

Genetic Modification of Foodstuffs

Virtually every crop we eat have undergone hundreds of years of genetic modification by farmers and scientist in search of desirab...

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tommo Published on 10/05/2001 2183 Reads Biology

Confidentiality of individually identifiable health information

Criterion A: Describing the issue The misuse of private health care information can cause discrimination against others in societ...

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cliffordsmit Published on 11/04/2001 1315 Reads Science And Technology


The Republic of Honduras is a comparatively large country in Central America. Its area is at 112,088 km2, and has about 13,000,000...

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q_bert Published on 09/24/2001 1928 Reads History

Were Macbeth's relationships responsible for his downfall?

QUESTION: Choose one or two themes from 'Macbeth' and discuss how that theme is developed through the relationships in the play. ...

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christianpup Published on 03/14/2002 1381 Reads Macbeth

Hamlet Act I scene ii 1-179 - ambiguous characters

I do agree that the characters in this scene are portrayed in a very ambiguous manner. At this point in the play, many of the char...

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azurefyre Published on 07/09/2001 1681 Reads Hamlet

interactive classroom versus non-interactive class

Willmott once said,” education is the apprenticeship of life.” True it may sound but education has its own constraints too. Import...

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meena Published on 04/19/2006 2015 Reads Miscellaneous

How Did Hitler Come to Power in 1933?

Adolf Hitler was a very lucky man throughout his lifeÉ It was November 1918 and Germany signed the armistice ending the Fir...

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Svejk Published on 04/20/2006 2380 Reads Nazi Germany

Naturalistic and Traditional Diagnostic Testing Uses in Speech Aphasia

In twenty pages this paper discusses the options available to speech pathologists regarding two types of diagnostic testing approa... ...


I felt the earth shake beneath my feet. A mere thirty or so feet away, the ground crumbled from underneath the surface, and the ea...

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bigrig100 Published on 01/05/2001 1206 Reads Creative Writing

Hamlet's Tragic Flaw

Hamlet's famous soliloquy (Hamlet, act III, scene 1) shows his depth and ability in thinking, and shows Shakespeare's ability to m...

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GermanGirl2005 Published on 05/01/2001 2063 Reads Hamlet

The Bluest Eye

The Bluest Eye is a brilliantly written novel revealing the fictional trauma of an eleven-year-old black girl named Pecola Breedlo...

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IDrinkMilk Published on 09/20/2000 1475 Reads Literature

A Separate Peace: Ignorance of the Human Heart

Note: Please use this essay as an outline. Some examples are required to support these ideas. I. Thesis: Gene decides that th...

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a.a.k.laxman9004 Published on 10/31/2005 4624 Reads A Separate Peace

The Tempest: Caliban

As an actor, select one character from ‘The Tempest’ and discuss how you would create the role, bearing in mind its function in th...

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gaza_gardiner Published on 07/01/2000 2209 Reads Shakespeare

Schwinky Schwanky

Crazy, lazy Dazed, and hazy. Wiffleball-- Said it all. Cameltosis-- Very grosis. Brie and Tessie Beth; Illustrious crystal ...

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Scrumptie17 Published on 09/07/2001 1162 Reads Poems

The Censorship of Art

Things are heating up in America. People are protesting outside of the movie theaters, concerts, and book and record stores of thi...

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Phoenix6926 Published on 05/31/2000 1161 Reads Social Issues

The Horse Dealer's Daughter

In “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter,” symbols are used to fulfill the quest of happiness and love. This love story, written by D.H. La...

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krazy_gurl Published on 01/31/2001 2284 Reads Literature

Two to Tango - War is not the answer to terrorism

The Associated Press has quoted 19-year-old Colin Zaremba, whose own name suggests immigrant origins, as saying, “I’m proud to be ...

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atejada Published on 10/05/2001 1063 Reads Politics

France Section 1770 - 1789 - Crisis in the old regime

The causes of tensions and conflicts generated in the old regime that contributed to the outbreak of revolution The composition o...

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Admin Published on 11/13/2000 1548 Reads European History

'The Garden Of Earthly Delights' Triptych by Hieronymus Bosch

In five pages this paper examines Bosch's views on good and evil, the presentation of African imagery, and how biblical references... ...

Communist Leaders Kim Il Sung of Korea and Mao Tse tung of China

In six pages this paper compares these Communist leaders in terms of similarities and the terrible famines resulting from their ru... ...

Acting Teacher Sanford Meisner

In six pages this paper discusses the acting techniques Sanford Meisner taught his students and also considers the teacher's legac... ...

Capital Punishment and the McVeigh Sentence

In ten pages this paper examines the sentence of Timothy McVeigh within the context of various death penalty issues. Twenty sourc... ...

Crime and Hate

In nine pages this paper discusses what is meant by hate crimes and if these acts indeed represent crimes.... ...

Hate Speech by Samuel Walker

In five pages this text is discussed in a consideration of free speech, censorship, and the extremely fine line that separates the... ...

1st Amendment, Flag Burning, and Hate Speech

In six pages this essay considers hate speech, the burning of the American flag, and the First Amendment as these issues are portr... ...