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Term Papers 1 - 30

Guatemala Economy and Banking

In twelve pages Guatemala's system of banking and its role in the country's economic evolution are examined. Eight sources are ci... ...

Budgeting that is Nonmanufacturing and Manufacturin

In five pages these types of budgeting are examined in terms of primary elements with topics including material usage, purchasing ... ...

Basic Economic Theories and Inflation

In nine pages inflation is discussed in a consideration of basic economic theories including predictability, trends, recessions al... ...

Abortion and Personal Resistance

In five pages this paper examines abortion in terms of various personal resistance positions. Three sources are cited in the bibl... ...

My Trip to Wildwood, New Jersey

One of the best vacation spots and most fun are down the shore in Wildwood, New Jersey. Wildwood consists of a boardwalk with tons...

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coolkris15 Published on 04/09/2001 2043 Reads Creative Writing

Farm Experience

Hi! Today I wish to share my farm experience with you. Last month I visited farm fields several times. There I got an opportunity ...

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siddhartha112 Published on 09/18/2001 1029 Reads Creative Writing

Introduction to C

This is an introductory essay on C programming. It assumes that you know varying amounts about computers and programming in genera...

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CollegeKid2002 Published on 10/25/2001 1051 Reads Science And Technology

Mao's Cultural Revolution

Dressed in the drab military uniform that symbolized the revolutionary government of Communist China, Mao Zedong's body still look...

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madimizel Published on 05/03/2002 1241 Reads History

Macbeth - Hero to butcher

The play ‘Macbeth’ is a very tragic one. It is about the downfall of a hero who is led by temptation to mass murder and cruelty. S...

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soul_reaver100 Published on 04/28/2001 1029 Reads Macbeth

Troubled World

Dark clouds drew closer to Paddington square. Thick drops of rain broke as they hit the ground. A frozen sculpture of an eagle sta...

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Mohammed Published on 05/20/2001 1132 Reads Creative Writing

1905 New Zealand Rugby Tour of the UK and it's Myths

In 1905 the New Zealand rugby team toured the British Isles and won an unprecedented thirty-one games out of the thirty-two played...

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apollo_crash Published on 08/15/2007 1880 Reads History

1905 New Zealand Rugby Tour of the UK and it's Myths

In 1905 the New Zealand rugby team toured the British Isles and won an unprecedented thirty-one games out of the thirty-two played...

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apollo_crash Published on 08/15/2007 1930 Reads History

Naturalistic and Traditional Diagnostic Testing Uses in Speech Aphasia

In twenty pages this paper discusses the options available to speech pathologists regarding two types of diagnostic testing approa... ...

Political Policies Between The United States and The Soviet Union During the 1970s

One can not effectively interpret world political policies of the 1970's without the inclusion of the relationship known as détent...

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lorraineH5 Published on 06/12/2000 1376 Reads Vietnam War

Edgar Allen Poe: His Life and His Work

In human nature there exists a morbid desire to explore the darker realms of life. As sensitive beings we make every effort to den...

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jdewitt70 Published on 08/15/2001 1940 Reads Poetry

On the Road

Jack Kerouac was born in Massachusetts, in 1922. Kerouac quit school and joined the Merchant Marine, starting the travels which wo...

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christina17aus Published on 08/18/2000 1053 Reads Literature

Foundational Support for the Infrastructure of My Success in Speech Pathology and in Nursing

In today’s society, achieving a higher education degree in a college or university is a crucial and vital element in determining ...

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gpavlushkin Published on 10/31/2005 1051 Reads Social Issues

Narcissists, Inverted Narcissists and Schizoids

Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites Question: Are Narcissists also schizoids? Answe...

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palma Published on 10/09/2000 1806 Reads Psychology

Why the United States dropped the Atomic Bomb: Persuasive Essay

The atomic bomb is the subject of much controversy. Since its first detonation in 1945, the entire world has heard the aftershocks...

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Marcel Published on 04/23/2001 4229 Reads World War II

A Comparison of two Poems about Soldiers Leaving Britain to Fight in The First World War

The two poems I am comparing are "Joining The Colours" by Katherine Tynan and "The Send Off" by Wilfred Owen. " Joining The Colour...

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Admin Published on 03/21/2000 1468 Reads Poetry

Why is Communication so Important?

It is essential that everyone is capable of reading, writing, and communicating in an articulate and organized manner. Unfortunate...

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Admin Published on 12/12/2000 1751 Reads Miscellaneous

Childhood Experience

Child company experience is one of the sweetest experience. We all have some child company experience. They play in your lap. Freq...

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siddhartha112 Published on 09/18/2001 1291 Reads Creative Writing

Glacial Processes

There are many different glacial landforms created by glacial erosion, one of these landforms is U-shaped valleys or glacial troug...

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Admin Published on 02/12/2001 1707 Reads Geography

'The Garden Of Earthly Delights' Triptych by Hieronymus Bosch

In five pages this paper examines Bosch's views on good and evil, the presentation of African imagery, and how biblical references... ...

Communist Leaders Kim Il Sung of Korea and Mao Tse tung of China

In six pages this paper compares these Communist leaders in terms of similarities and the terrible famines resulting from their ru... ...

Acting Teacher Sanford Meisner

In six pages this paper discusses the acting techniques Sanford Meisner taught his students and also considers the teacher's legac... ...

Capital Punishment and the McVeigh Sentence

In ten pages this paper examines the sentence of Timothy McVeigh within the context of various death penalty issues. Twenty sourc... ...

Crime and Hate

In nine pages this paper discusses what is meant by hate crimes and if these acts indeed represent crimes.... ...

Hate Speech by Samuel Walker

In five pages this text is discussed in a consideration of free speech, censorship, and the extremely fine line that separates the... ...

1st Amendment, Flag Burning, and Hate Speech

In six pages this essay considers hate speech, the burning of the American flag, and the First Amendment as these issues are portr... ...