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The Hobbit Book Report -2005-

Uploaded by shaeydyh on Nov 08, 2005

The Hobbit Book Report

By Shaeydyh


The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien is in an arrangement of a world of imagination of the hobbits, elves, dwarves, men and dragons, however the world is very similar to ours which it has many differences. It takes place in fantastic the imaginary means ground of the world in one moment "a long time ago" where the use of the swords, the axes, and the amour still in an extravagant way of fighting and is still heard of.


Characters in the story are the well developed and develop more and more as the story reveals itself. Bilbo Baggins, has the quiet, food-affectionate hobbit smokes soundly out of his pipe when Gandalf the wizard, subtly invites the hobbit to go on an adventure and Bilbo shoos it in addition to saying to him to come for the tea tomorrow (hoping it would not show up). This is where it all starts; an unexpected part of thirteen dwarves and Gandalf, Bilbo is overwhelmed by the end of the day and oversleeps for an appointment he never knew about at the bywater. But when he arrives there he finds them all laid out to leave and ready to take with them!

So that was the beginning of the adventure of Bilbo Baggins. All the time Bilbo wished that he was eating bacon with a singing kettle in the background of his content and cozy hobbit-hole. The remainder of the lot, the dwarves, who were to become irritated of the sound of the hobbit complaining about lack of food and they said things like "He looks more like a grocer than a burglar.” Their thoughts changes mightily after a certain incident where he escapes from an inhabited mine by orcs under a mountain and a magic ring he finds (not that he told them).

But, Thorin, son of Thror, son of Thrain never respected the hobbit much since he was never put to good used, at least until he transformed into a magnificent thief and got the party out of a dew terrible dilemmas one involving giant spiders and the other wood-elves. And then by sneaking into the dragon Smaug’s tunnels and stealing one of his possessions and then talking to the dragon with his magic ring on trying to out-clever him.


Bilbo is taken on an unexpected adventure with thirteen dwarves to conquer a dragon named Smaug and take the treasure...

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Uploaded by:   shaeydyh

Date:   11/08/2005

Category:   The Hobbit

Length:   9 pages (2,063 words)

Views:   3623

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The Hobbit Book Report -2005-

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