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Journey to the Center of the earth book report

Uploaded by kc0hng on Jan 12, 2004


1. Journey to the center of the earth

2. Jules Vernes

3. Mid 1800’s

4. 1st Person


1. It is obvious; The Characters in the story will go to the center of the earth.

2. Axel-This is the main character. He changes very much throughout the story. He is a student of his uncles in his early twenties, and narrates the story. Professor Otto Lidenbrock is Axel’s uncle, and teaches Axel many things. He is the brain behind the Journey to the center of the earth. Hans is the muscle behind the journey to the center to the earth. He changes the least throughout the story, until he is happy they made it in the end.

3. External- The most obvious conflict in the entire story is between Axel and his uncle. Axel thinks almost everything about this entire trip, and thinks it will be a big waste of time when they all die in the end. Lucky for axel they do not. Towards the end of the story, he becomes very excited about the entire trip, quits complaining, and actually starts helping. He is actually the one who cuts their trip down form years to a few hours. Internal- Axel thinks this trip is going to become the end of him and his uncle. Proved wrong later, he starts to become excited about the entire trip. The big conflict is whether he should go along with his uncle, or stay sure they will all die soon. Internal- Professor Lidenbrock is not sure how to treat his nephew. He loves him very much but also realizes he is almost as stubborn as he is. He has a hard time showing his love, but it always shines through when needed most

4. Symbols- The center of the earth is a symbol of an important goal, just one more rock to climb for Professor Lidenbrock. I find it very Ironic that Axel is the one who nearly kills the entire expedition when he is worried his uncle will end up killing them all in the end.


1. The Climatic moment is right when the explosion goes off, emptying the sea into the hole leading to the center of the earth.

2. You need to try your hardest in life. You can’t let your fears hold...

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Uploaded by:   kc0hng

Date:   01/12/2004

Category:   Literature

Length:   2 pages (553 words)

Views:   11551

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Journey to the Center of the earth book report

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