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Term Papers 751 - 780

1984: Summary

Summary The Story starts, as the title tells us, in the year of 1984, and it takes place in England or how it is called at that t...

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kntridr Published on 04/04/2001 2223 Reads Nineteen Eighty Four


Amidst the “hot pies and potato-chips”, “innocent monsters” and “resurgent lions”, Dawe effectively illustrates Victorian popular ...

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angel_wing83 Published on 03/29/2001 1602 Reads Literature

Odysseus, the Hero

An individual’s characteristics are the key to their behavior. Homer’s The Odyssey takes place about 700BC in the Mediterranean, n...

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Admin Published on 03/29/2001 3674 Reads Literature

Their Eyes Were Watching God - Adjust, Adapt, Overcome: A theme analysis

"I have said that the soul is not more than the body, And I have said that the body is not more than the soul, And nothing, not Go...

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BigBluLancer66 Published on 03/28/2001 3172 Reads Their Eyes Were Watching God

Brave New World - Society

One may think that the society in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is a gross representation of the future, but perhaps our society...

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Admin Published on 03/28/2001 2867 Reads Brave New World

The Magic Barrel

The story opens with the character of Leo Finkle a dedicated rabbinical student reaching an end to his six long years of study. Le...

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xFaustus9 Published on 03/27/2001 2426 Reads Literature

Of Mice and Men - Critical evaluation

The main theme of ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck is fate . The techniques he uses such as the title , repetition , echoes and...

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Admin Published on 03/26/2001 4026 Reads Of Mice And Men

Merchant of Venice - Antonio and Shylock

William Shakespeare shows how two tradesmen can have completely different lives when others view them differently in the play The ...

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theebezt Published on 03/26/2001 3440 Reads Shakespeare

To Kill a Mockingbird

In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the Mockingbird was used to symbolize those characters who were senselessly harm...

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Ewing Published on 03/26/2001 2108 Reads To Kill A Mockingbird

The Awakening - Morality or Self-sacrifice?

The Awakening, by Kate Chopin, takes one back to an earlier time while still provoking the questions of morality and self-sacrific...

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Admin Published on 03/26/2001 2597 Reads The Awakening

The Knight and the Squire

The two characters I have chosen from The Canterbury Tales are The Knight and the Squire, who share a father and son relation. The...

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Douglas828 Published on 03/25/2001 2421 Reads Cantebury Tales

Fight Club - Analysis

Reading in-between the lines: An analysis of Fight Club a novel by Chuck Palahniuk a film directed by David Fincher “You a...

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bknickerbocker Published on 03/24/2001 3690 Reads Literature


World War II and the diseased mind of Hitler were the factors the led to the Genocide. People who were not the superior race in Hi...

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Admin Published on 03/24/2001 1413 Reads Literature

To Kill a Mockingbird

In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the story unfolds through the eyes of a six-year-old girl named Scout. The story...

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holland476 Published on 03/24/2001 1842 Reads To Kill A Mockingbird

Prejudice In The Time Of To Kill A Mockingbird

Three students kicked out of a high school for threatening to bring a gun to school. Why would they? Because people were prejudice...

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jfhfjfjj Published on 03/22/2001 2564 Reads To Kill A Mockingbird

All the Kings Men

"But in the end the truth gave the past back to me." Jack Burden pg. 436 To understand the inferential validity of the above q...

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deubert Published on 03/21/2001 1578 Reads Literature

Of Mice and Men vs The Pearl

The aspect of the John Steinbeck novels, The Pearl and Of Mice and Men, that is most comparable is how, in both books, Steinbeck d...

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deubert Published on 03/21/2001 3552 Reads Of Mice And Men

Animal Farm - Historical Relevance

George Orwell grew up a devout and dedicated socialist in the British colonies of India and even when he eventually studied and li...

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deubert Published on 03/21/2001 2762 Reads Animal Farm

Cantebury Tales - Relation of Wife of Bath to Contemporary Women

Hundreds of centuries before the fourteenth century, during it and yet still after, civilization, led by the educated theologians,...

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deubert Published on 03/21/2001 3310 Reads Cantebury Tales

Silas Marner - Development

With close reference to particular incidents, show how Silas Marner’s character develops through his experiences. Silas Marner ...

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aellitsa Published on 03/21/2001 1744 Reads Literature

Titus Andronicus

I loved this play! I never knew Shakespeare could have been this dark and deep. Every act was twisted with plots of deviance. Titu...

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Vsteceka7 Published on 03/19/2001 1915 Reads Shakespeare

The Importance of Being Ernest

Oscar Wilde is a legendary author who has composed many great plays including The Green Carnation and A Woman of No Importance, ho...

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mascara_lifter Published on 03/17/2001 2178 Reads Literature

The Time Machine

As fabled as fairies and dryads, only slightly more scientific, the imaginary device referred to as the “time machine” has gained ...

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mascara_lifter Published on 03/17/2001 1834 Reads Literature

Huck’s Moral Lessons and His Changing Attitude Toward Jim

In many ways, to understand the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, the reader must also know a little about ...

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piscesj38 Published on 03/17/2001 2828 Reads The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

Lord of the Flies - A character study of Ralph

This essay is a character study of Ralph, who is one of the main characters in William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’. I have chose...

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Admin Published on 03/17/2001 2421 Reads Lord of the Flies

The Catcher In The Rye

In 1964, J.D. Salinger composed a novel titled The Catcher in the Rye that became quite controversial and was banned from several ...

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mascara_lifter Published on 03/17/2001 2255 Reads The Catcher In The Rye

Medea - Techniques

In the play Medea, by Euripides, many techniques are incorporated to augment the compelling persona of the protagonist, Medea. She...

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suemitchelltess Published on 03/16/2001 4882 Reads Medea

Three Scaffold scenes - Progression of Dimmesdale

In The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne portrays Arthur Dimmesdale as a troubled individual. In him lies the central conflict o...

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feagle814 Published on 03/15/2001 2801 Reads The Scarlet Letter

The Chronicles of Narnia - Summary/Bookreport

Narnia....a land of fantasy and adventure where magic and a Great Lion prevail. A land where so many people wish to be, a land fro...

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kylee Published on 03/15/2001 2277 Reads Literature

Epic vs. Modern Heroes

While “Have at thee!” the Arthurian battle cry from Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail, is a far a-hem cry from the modern d...

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ajmosser Published on 03/14/2001 2061 Reads Literature