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Titus Andronicus

Uploaded by Vsteceka7 on Mar 19, 2001

I loved this play! I never knew Shakespeare could have been this dark and deep. Every act was twisted with plots of deviance. Titus intrigued my reading, I loved his ability to stay true to what he truly honored and believed. This play was a true masterpiece between Good and Evil.

Throughout reading this play I realized that in some deep way it was God verses Satan. In that the little boy whom I believe is to be God or Jesus verses Aaron, the Moor, who is Satan. Aaron is crafty and wicked to the core. His corrupt ways bringing down everyone he comes into contact with making him happier with every life he ruins. The little boy is truly innocence and goodwill making no mistakes I see throughout the play or movie. He can be protrayed as God or Christ in that he never has a sinful act or thought in the play or movie. The boy also is like Christ or God in that in the movie he walks away with Aaron's son and that is a sign of God saving His lost children from darkness and sin of this world. I know this a long shot but I really felt this in reading the play. I know Shakespeare did have some Christianity in his background; maybe this could be what he was conveying in a sense.

My favorite part of the play was the way that Lavinia stood up to the evil Goth Queen, Tamora in the woods in(Act 2, Scene 2, lines 60-163). An amazing display of courage from a little, frail young woman defending herself from a devil of a woman in Tamora. The words exchanged between the two are deep, piercing two-edged swords slashing through the hearts of each woman. I built a hatred for Tamora she like Aaron is the root of all evil. I know it would have been unlady like for Lavinia to physically attack Tamora; but I would have loved to see her try.

The best chracter in the play would have to be Titus amazing wit and strength. This man was truly unpredictable kept me on my toes throughout the whole play. Even though the ending of the play was the most digusting display of violence I have ever seen, but sheer brilliance. Never will I ever see revenge taken by cooking a human-pie and as a result shattering a whole...

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Uploaded by:   Vsteceka7

Date:   03/19/2001

Category:   Shakespeare

Length:   2 pages (562 words)

Views:   2170

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Titus Andronicus

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