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Term Papers 691 - 720

To Kill a Mockingbird

How does Scout and Jem’s perception of Boo Radley change during the novel? How does Boo affect the lives of the Finch household in...

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tommy53565 Published on 05/09/2001 2109 Reads To Kill A Mockingbird

Silas Marner and Hard Times: Redemption

The discussion will take place first in Silas Marner novel. It is taken to be first since it needs full concentration of the reade...

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breeze_whisper Published on 05/08/2001 2173 Reads Literature

Silas Marner - The Rural Life

The life that could be lived in a village at 1861, which was so near of the time of the Industrial Revolution, is a simple life. P...

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breeze_whisper Published on 05/08/2001 1930 Reads Literature

The Crucilbe: John Proctor

Often in true tests of moral character where people are tempted to deceive, be dishonest, or take advantage of each other, there a...

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thosser Published on 05/08/2001 4339 Reads The Crucible

The Cask of Amontillado

Anything not taken in moderation can be damaging. In one of Edgar Allen Poe's best-known tales of horror, "The Cask of Amontillado...

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thosser Published on 05/08/2001 2150 Reads Literature

Is Oedipus The True Tragic Hero?

In his Poetics, Aristotle defined the term ‘tragedy’ as ‘a man not preeminently virtuous and just, whose misfortune, however, is b...

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ying_ling- Published on 05/07/2001 1822 Reads Literature

Guilt Without Confession Leads to Great Consequences

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound? This saying brings me to my thesis of "Guilt Wit...

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cosmokramerapt5b Published on 05/06/2001 2645 Reads The Scarlet Letter

Social Justice - Measure for Measure, Animal Farm, American History X

Social justice is a topic known all to well in today's society. Such issues as social heirarchial structure and unjust representat...

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bonoisgod Published on 05/06/2001 1765 Reads Literature

As I Lay Dying: The Love of Family

Ah, love. Love is so often a theme in many a well-read novel. In the story, As I Lay Dying, one very important underlying theme is...

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linsaymaria Published on 05/04/2001 1855 Reads Literature

My Mistress' Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun

“My Mistress’ Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun” is a poem written by William Shakespeare about the love towards an imperfect woman. H...

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linsaymaria Published on 05/04/2001 4391 Reads Shakespeare

Rape from I know why the caged bird sings

“I take a look through the bars at the last sights of a world that has gone very wrong for me. Can it be there’s some sort of erro...

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nye1324 Published on 05/03/2001 2454 Reads I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

McTeague as a social commentary

Written in 1899, Frank Norris’ novel, McTeague serves as a view of societal factions of his time period. Norris illustrates the st...

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ginNcolke Published on 05/01/2001 2074 Reads Literature

Brokeback Mountain: a timeless struggle

A Timeless Struggle: Knowing the Right Thing to do and Doing the Right Thing Author Isaac Asimov once wrote,” Never let your s...

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ginNcolke Published on 05/01/2001 1862 Reads Literature

Incidents in the Life of A Slave Girl - Feminism

The feminist movement sought to gain rights for women. Many feminist during the early nineteenth century fought for the abolition ...

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HCJR2 Published on 05/01/2001 1724 Reads Literature

Desiree's Bby

In the short story Désirée’s Baby, by Kate Chopin, surprise plays a very important role. Although the story has a surprise ending ...

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fluff Published on 05/01/2001 1902 Reads Literature

Les Miserables, Theme (Forgiveness, Self Sacrifice, and Courage)

“It is precisely of him that I wished to speak. Dispose of me as you please; but help me first to carry him home. I only ask that ...

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Illuminati Published on 05/01/2001 3083 Reads Literature

To Kill a Mockingbird - courage

To Kill a Mockingbird is a book about courage. To what extent do you agree with this? Courage is the quality of mind that enabl...

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sweet serenity Published on 04/29/2001 2513 Reads To Kill A Mockingbird

Civilisation and Savagery

When the boys first arrived on the island they automatically seeked for some kind of law and order since there are not any grown-u...

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sweet serenity Published on 04/29/2001 2604 Reads Lord of the Flies

Frankenstein - Social Responsibility

Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein in a time of wonder. A main wonder was whether you could put life back into the dead. Close to the ...

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luke30000 Published on 04/29/2001 2929 Reads Frankenstein

Imagery: Focal point for Steinbeck

In Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men, He uses imagery in all sorts of manners to create a realistic setting and plot. His portraya...

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ShOcKYa MiNd259 Published on 04/28/2001 2020 Reads Of Mice And Men


The creation of this monster was actually based upon a Romanian myth,(derived from the word draclu-devil) which implied the existe...

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draganhs Published on 04/27/2001 1452 Reads Literature

Wuthering Heights and Frankenstein - Theme of the divided self

Theme of the divided self within Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Thematically, the divided se...

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Joanne Cleeve Published on 04/26/2001 3251 Reads Wuthering Heights

Medea: Discuss the role of the Chorus

“Discuss the importance of the role that the Chorus plays in Euripedes’ Medea.” The Chorus is very much an important part of Eu...

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thomy Published on 04/25/2001 3456 Reads Medea

Literature and Human Behaviour

Compare and evaluate the ways in which literature on the one hand, and the human sciences on the other may help us to know and und...

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thomy Published on 04/24/2001 2071 Reads Literature

How does King Oedipus fit the profile of the Classical Greek tragic hero and how is his fall typical

In his Poetics, Aristotle defined the term ‘tragedy’ as ‘a man not preeminently virtuous and just, whose misfortune, however, is b...

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ying_ling Published on 04/23/2001 1739 Reads Literature

Lord Of The Flies: Piggy, Ralph, Jack

Lord Of The Flies is possibly one of the most complex novels of the twentieth century. This complexity and depth is evident when t...

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kris s Published on 04/23/2001 2461 Reads Lord of the Flies

Doctor Faustus - Analysis

I. The play Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlow was first published in Manchester by Manchester Publishing in 1588, no informatio...

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thena9 Published on 04/23/2001 2305 Reads Literature

The Colour Purple - Spirituality & Religion

Alice Walker states that ‘The Colour Purple’ remains for her the “theological work examining the journey from the religious back t...

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vix180 Published on 04/22/2001 2411 Reads Literature

Frankenstein: Appearance and Acceptance

Reliance on Appearance and Dependency upon Acceptance in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Today’s Modern World. One of the main ...

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dbakala Published on 04/22/2001 3641 Reads Frankenstein

Eva Luna and A Doll’s House: the nature of power

Discuss the nature of power explored in the texts, Eva Luna, and A Doll’s House. In the two texts Eva Luna, and A Doll’s House,...

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thomy Published on 04/22/2001 1795 Reads Literature