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Imagery: Focal point for Steinbeck

Uploaded by ShOcKYa MiNd259 on Apr 28, 2001

In Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men, He uses imagery in all sorts of manners to create a realistic setting and plot. His portrayal of migrant workers and their everyday problems during the depression are quite accurate due too his use of imagery with idioms, dreams, nature, loneliness and animal imagery. The main theme of the book although, happens to be loneliness and fate. Although George and Lennie, the main characters have a symbiotic relationship, fate steps in and destroys their dreams which were so close to being achieved. George is the small, less strong, "brains" of the operation. While Lennie is the tall, strong, lug who more or less has the brain of a 5-year-old child. He relies on a sense of touch, which makes him seem perverted, as he is a tall strong man with almost no common sense.

Loneliness plays a large part in this book; the unlikely destroyer of George and Lenin's dreams is a young woman who is married to the boss's son Curley. Although she is probably one of the most important characters next to George and Lennie, Steinbeck doesn't give her a real name only referring to her as Curley's wife. Her loneliness is so detrimental to her that she becomes a flirt and still is lonely. "Why can't I talk to you I never get to talk to nobody. I get awful lonely."(Steinbeck pg. 86) Because of her reputation for being a flirt none of the farmhands wanted to talk to her. It was the threat of getting in trouble with Curley that caused many workers to avoid her. In addition, because of Curley's insecure feelings he neglected her and forced her to seek attention anyway she could, even it meant flirting. She was ignored by both the farmhands and her own husband and because of this she was being forced into loneliness, the one thing she fought so hard against. Candy is another man who is used as an example of lonely migrant workers. Loneliness affects candy due to 2 major factors, his old age and his disability. This makes him quite different than the young fully capable farmhands on the ranch. He simply cleans the ranch up and sweeps. It's until Lennie and George arrives that he plays the outcast. With the addition of the duo, candy is asked to join them in their dream ranch. But all will not fare...

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Uploaded by:   ShOcKYa MiNd259

Date:   04/28/2001

Category:   Of Mice And Men

Length:   4 pages (941 words)

Views:   2023

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Imagery: Focal point for Steinbeck

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