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Term Papers 361 - 390


In "Panopticism" Michel Foucault describes the "practices of investigation" which in turn gave rise to a society that was under co...

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basmith Published on 06/16/2002 1921 Reads Literature

Rousseau and Hobbes

Rousseau and Hobbes each had philosophies, but they differed. Their philosophies can be related to and proven by the story Billy B...

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cicp82 Published on 06/15/2002 1742 Reads Literature

The Bridge of San Luis Rey

People who thinks of Thornton Wilder primarily in terms of his classic novella "Our Town," The Bridge of San Luis Rey will seem li...

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Alejandro Published on 06/15/2002 2063 Reads Literature

A Comparison between 1984 and Animal Farm with regards to Totalitarianism

George Orwell: The Callous Nature of Totalitarianism The establishment of an elite power in a society produces feelings of hope...

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frollypoo Published on 06/13/2002 10288 Reads Animal Farm

A Comparison of the marriage of Tom and Daisy Buchanan (The Great Gatsby) with Willy and Linda Lowm

The Common Faults of Marriages Many marriages endure hardships and often result in destruction. In the literary work The Great ...

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frollypoo Published on 06/13/2002 9661 Reads The Great Gatsby

Hard Times - The Theme of the Utilitarianism

Historical Background The late 18th and early 19th centuries were an era of great change in Europe. The Industrial revolution hap...

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KittyKatz Published on 06/12/2002 2676 Reads Literature

True human Nature - symbols

The central theme in the novel Lord of The Flies, by William Golding, is that all mankind is inherently savage and the only aspect...

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nulakokini Published on 06/08/2002 2266 Reads Lord of the Flies

Heroic distinctions of Odysseus

The heroes of the Greeks were an intricate part of society. After the gods and demi-gods of Greece, the heroes were extremely reve...

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kash Published on 06/07/2002 1862 Reads Literature

The English Patient

In Michael Ondaatje’s novel The English Patient, the author demonstrates how dreadful the time of the war was. He proves that the ...

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pharaoh Published on 06/05/2002 2380 Reads Literature

The Great Gatsby - Nick analysis

The novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald tells the story of Jay Gatsby, as Nick Carraway perceives him. Nick has a specia...

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Sharkman Published on 06/04/2002 4399 Reads The Great Gatsby

Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver

In the books Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver’s Travels, the characters are portrayed as resemble characters, being capable of clear t...

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Sharkman Published on 06/04/2002 8459 Reads Literature

Orwell's message in Animal Farm

In many of Orwell’s works, we can see some marks from his real life or the events of his era. To understand the influences on his ...

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semihatopal Published on 06/02/2002 2709 Reads Animal Farm

Going After Cacciato

It is generally recognized that Tim O’Brien’s Going After Cacciato (1978) is most likely the best novel of the Vietnam war, albeit...

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devil dog Published on 06/01/2002 1845 Reads Literature

Fire in the Lake

Fire in the Lake By Gerard Chretien English:Vietnam 2002 Prof:Morgan Shulz Twenty-eight years after publica...

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devil dog Published on 06/01/2002 2020 Reads Literature

Insight to Quiet American

For those who haven’t read the book, its both an odd love story and a metaphor for American involvement in Vietnam. The hero, Fowl...

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devil dog Published on 06/01/2002 1571 Reads Literature

Dog Soldiers

Dog Soldiers is a story laced with despair, paranoia, and several other not so fuzzy moods, and this quote from the main character...

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devil dog Published on 06/01/2002 2447 Reads Book Reviews

The Pugilist at Rest

Judging from the other reviews, the awards, and multiple accolades Thom Jones's writings, and "The Pugilist at Rest" in particular...

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devil dog Published on 06/01/2002 2320 Reads Book Reviews

Rebel against society

In J.D. Salinger’s, The Catcher in the Rye, the novel tries to capture the adolescent life in a hyper-sensitive form, dramatizing ...

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lightglitter Published on 05/20/2002 4669 Reads The Catcher In The Rye

Antigone - Selfish

Through the many centuries and numerous civilizations, men have clearly taken the role as dominator. For many generations of men, ...

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Kiu Published on 05/19/2002 5281 Reads Antigone

Crime and punishment: Confession as a path to forgiveness

Dostoevsky used confession as a path to forgiveness throughout the novel. From his first thought after the murders to the time tha...

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Sean.58 Published on 05/19/2002 2557 Reads Literature

Scarlet Letter - Dangers of Hidden Sin

Sin is something society has had to deal with since mankind has known evil. In most circumstances, the sin only becomes a problem ...

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WelshHanny Published on 05/15/2002 4489 Reads The Scarlet Letter

Corrupt Romantic Quest

In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald presents the 1920’s society as delusional. The book is set up to resemble a romantic stor...

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WelshHanny Published on 05/15/2002 2522 Reads The Great Gatsby

Sula - Toni Morrison's poetic language

According to Aldous Huxley, the life of any epoch can only be synthesised by poets: “Encyclopaedias and guides to knowledge cannot...

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Heinous_Bitch Published on 05/12/2002 2105 Reads Literature

Black Hawk Down - Summary of the book as written by Mark Bowden

It was mid-afternoon on October 3, 1993. There were approximately 160 men eagerly awaiting the signal to proceed. Matt Eversmann s...

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brandiemay Published on 05/12/2002 2634 Reads Literature

Siddhartha: The Teachers of Siddhartha

The most important teachers in life don’t have a college degree. They didn‘t obtain a sense of life and morals by years of schooli...

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kleebaby Published on 05/09/2002 4242 Reads Literature

Fanny and Annie

Introduction In this essay I will be discussing whether it is class or not which keeps the two lovers apart or whether it is Fann...

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boff_brigader Published on 05/07/2002 2071 Reads Literature

The Merchant of Venice

“Shylock is the villain in the play. He deserves no mercy.” Discuss with close reference to the Merchant of Venice. In the pl...

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schmick Published on 05/06/2002 2506 Reads Shakespeare

The Old Man and the Sea and Islands in the Stream with Tom Hudson - Hemingway Hero

As individuals grow older, they learn to live by a set of codes, which make up the person’s characteristics. This code of conduct ...

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shorty22 Published on 05/06/2002 1557 Reads Literature

The Odyssey - how does Homer use a variety a settings to explore the theme of hospitality?

Throughout the book, The Odyssey, Homer uses a variety of settings to explore the theme of hospitality. Hospitality in the ancient...

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Adelle Published on 05/04/2002 2340 Reads Literature

Lockie Leonard - Legend

Lockie Leonard – Legend demonstrates how different characters can resolve similar conflicts using different coping skills. The con...

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Cambo Published on 04/30/2002 2638 Reads Literature