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Art And Music

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SWTOR endgame can be a dissatisfaction

Enables acquire straight down to the level, as soon as you struck stage 50 the sport will get uninteresting. To help keep the spor...

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aroline Published on 08/30/2012 2677 Reads Art And Music

Scholarships for College

Scholarships for College: Way to Fulfill your College Tuitions As we know Scholarships for College could help everyone to fulfill...

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atma Published on 06/20/2012 3076 Reads Art And Music

ART, What is it??

What is Art? The question itself is like a mystery wrapped inside an enigma. This very same topic has been on the minds of t...

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john_remo Published on 02/14/2007 3638 Reads Art And Music

Understand Eminem

why are these jealous fucks complaining about the things that eminem spits on a record? could it be that they have a depressing li...

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infinite_drugs Published on 10/18/2006 2935 Reads Art And Music

persuasion essay

Title - Elements of the Short Story By - Melanie Marchand Primary Subject - Language Arts Secondary Subjects - Language Arts...

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mightymouse94 Published on 07/28/2006 3484 Reads Art And Music

Free Jazz: The Jazz Revolution of the '60s


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Robert_Levin Published on 02/05/2006 2928 Reads Art And Music

'Wish you were here' - Pink Floyd

A glass half full is a glass half empty. Ironic as it is, everything in this world exists with its converse apparently giving us, ...

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Kheyal Published on 02/03/2006 3039 Reads Art And Music

No Hidden Meaning Here

The Beatles were one of the top bands in the sixties with over two hundred songs recorded (Artist Facts: The Beatles). Many Beatl...

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Jenlee Published on 01/31/2006 3110 Reads Art And Music

The Bath: Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt The Bath, 1892 Oil on Canvas, 39 x 26” The Art Institute of Chicago Mary Cassatt’s masterpiece, The Bath, ...

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Nategrey Published on 01/08/2006 4649 Reads Art And Music

Woman With the Hat by Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse Woman With the Hat, 1905 Oil on Canvas 31’ x 23.5’ San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Henri Matisse’s Woman w...

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Nategrey Published on 01/08/2006 7956 Reads Art And Music

Buddha Bar

Feeding the Soul By Kheyal Azam Khalil Claiming the spiritual worth of music, one of the best examples that can be quoted is o...

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Kheyal Published on 12/19/2005 2800 Reads Art And Music

Charles Blackman Art Analysis

C H A R L E S B L A C K M A N Blackman’s Schoolgirl in the Lane painting displays an ominous scene of a young schoolgirl wand...

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zozywashere Published on 10/26/2005 4342 Reads Art And Music

Feng Shui: An Introduction to Good Luck.

I. What I Know, Assume or Imagine Just a couple of weeks ago, I was thinking of a topic for this I-Search Paper, but I didn’t ...

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misterstarry Published on 11/13/2004 2690 Reads Art And Music

La Jetee - Report

Chris Marker’s 1962 La Jetée is one of the most influential films of its time. The 28-minute film is almost entirely compiled of ...

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absynthe Published on 10/03/2004 2898 Reads Art And Music

The Birth of Sun Paintings

Between 1844-6, William Henry Fox Talbot used the title The Pencil of Nature for his set of published prints which feature...

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absynthe Published on 10/03/2004 2486 Reads Art And Music

Melting Clocks

Since I was a child, I have been completely impressed whenever I look at anything. I have always been especially impressed by thin...

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5gn3zpb70eru9jq4 Published on 08/16/2004 3373 Reads Art And Music

Modernist and Post Modernist comparative essay (Dali & Duchamp)

Marcel Duchamp – Nude Descending Staircase 1912 Marcel Duchamp, born 1887 and died in 1968, was a moderni...

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christique Published on 05/26/2004 2913 Reads Art And Music

Ansel Adams - Early Morning, Merced River

Ansel Adams, b. 1902, was important to photography through history and through his works helped contribute to the respect photogra...

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christique Published on 05/26/2004 3466 Reads Art And Music

Frederic Chopin

Frederic Francois Chopin was born in Zelazowa-Wola, near Warsaw, Poland. No one is exactly sure about his birth ...

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dancingpanther06 Published on 03/14/2004 3126 Reads Art And Music

Madonna BIography

Madonna Louise Ciccone was born on August 16, 1958, in Bay City, Michigan. Madonna is one of the most successful artist...

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xoxokimluvzya Published on 01/07/2004 3268 Reads Art And Music

Beauty Queen of Lenane

The WWU theatre arts production of “The Beauty Queen of Leenane,” written by Anglo-Irish playwright Martin McDonagh is labeled as ...

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HanMan1492 Published on 11/19/2003 3207 Reads Art And Music

Music a Reflection of Culture

An idea or way of life that we live by, that’s culture, and culture affects us all no matter where we live or what we do. We often...

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Irby Published on 10/06/2002 11270 Reads Art And Music

Cezanne and Pollock

Explain Cézanne and Pollock’s contribution to Modernism by: Describing their new techniques/materials (practice) Innovation in c...

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prue Published on 08/25/2002 2709 Reads Art And Music

Eminem (The real Marshall)

You would be surprised how many people judge and descrimenate Marshall Mathers *Eminem*. He has been protested against and hated o...

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Brooke Published on 07/02/2002 3320 Reads Art And Music


The Truth about Narcocorridos and their Interpreters When you turn on the radio, you listen to a song and you immediately have...

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Sandra Published on 06/05/2002 3173 Reads Art And Music

The Scream, Society, and the Common Man

Existentialist philosophy at first may appear to be at odds with the everyday world; however, existentialism has some very real ap...

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Enirambus Published on 05/21/2002 2665 Reads Art And Music

How politically liberating is rap music?

NWA was a gangsta rap crew who told stories of the ‘hustler’ lifestyle where “life ain’t nothin’ but bitches and money.” As such, ...

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Heinous_Bitch Published on 05/12/2002 3344 Reads Art And Music

Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven

The classical period (1750 – 1810) 1750 –1810 is what we call the classical period, and really any music not composed in this era...

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sugarbabe Published on 05/03/2002 5074 Reads Art And Music

Against Music Censorship

Music censorship has been a major problem plaguing America for over fifty years. In 1957, Elvis Pressley was only allowed to be fi...

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kyra666 Published on 03/15/2002 3118 Reads Art And Music

Music as a Nationalistic Tool

Music has been a powerful force throughout history. Its power has affected all aspects of people’s lives. The ideas and attitudes ...

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wonder_boy Published on 03/03/2002 2974 Reads Art And Music