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Buddha Bar

Uploaded by Kheyal on Dec 19, 2005

Feeding the Soul
By Kheyal Azam Khalil

Claiming the spiritual worth of music, one of the best examples that can be quoted is of the Buddha bar collection. This exceptional compilation comprises of compositions that cross the boundaries of specific cultures and languages. ‘The music is suggestive rather than particular, evocative rather than exact, and so offer an enormous range of intellectual and emotional possibility, challenge and satisfaction.’ The Buddha bar is an amalgam of music from Indian classical trend to the western divine type. However, there is an unlimited soul in all sorts of music and it ranges from provocative melodies to banal facts said in a particularly addictive way.
Whether anyone chooses to buy a CD or download this ‘music with a difference’, one can find numerous categories and an overwhelming range of sounds. The people unfamiliar with this amazing collection may find it analogous to the types of music found rarely amongst the popular singles. Example of songs by NightWish (Rising Sun), Evanescence (My Immortal), Madonna (Frozen) are all admirable tunes having a mystical way of penetrating the heart.
Buddha Bar is not very uncommon as background music for television programmes. It can also be heard at self-service shops to create a calm ambience. The music generally serves as to heal the spirit in terms of moral regeneration and relaxation. Therefore the music is apt for spreading tranquillity and touches the inner self of the listener. Despite its hidden and mysterious effects, this collection of music has profound effects on the ideas that shape human thought. In other words, like all other commendable art forms, this music too has a purpose. Songs like “Always respect your mother” and “Deleium Silence (Feat. Sarah Mclachan)” are some examples in which the scanty lyrics are repeated like a chorus with marvellous music to compliment it making it a means of repair for the society.
Another tune by Bob Holroyd “Journey Man” refers to the famous migration of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) from Mecca to Medina. The instruments used to compose it are of the same kind as those used when the migration took place in an attempt to authenticate the sound. These were then used as a proclamation of that historical event.
Many others worth mentioning are “Swollen” by Dusted, “Rah” by Natacha Atlas, “Sajana” by Shri and Badmarsh, “Desire” by Deepak and the like. All of them spell ‘SOUL’ in every...

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Uploaded by:   Kheyal

Date:   12/19/2005

Category:   Art And Music

Length:   2 pages (526 words)

Views:   2254

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