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Understand Eminem

Uploaded by infinite_drugs on Oct 18, 2006

why are these jealous fucks complaining about the things that eminem spits on a record? could it be that they have a depressing life and cant relate to Em with their own problems? hmmm maybe...or maybe its because they know that Em always has something to say back to the assholes who try to strip him of his talent. "i dunno"...Boring memories you say?..what about when you're in your bed late at night when your kids (if you have any) are in their beds and you're remembering all of your depressing and meaningless memories? how are eminems memories any more boring than yours? At least his have some meaning. maybe if you listen to his lyrics and really try to comprehend on what the fuck he is sayin, you might just get an idea that its not just himself that he is singing/rapping for, but as well as the youth out there that are having a rough life similar to his. maybe you just dont understand what its like to grow up broke, with hardly any REAL family or loyal friends. maybe your just mad that eminem has an imagination, channels it, and uses it to provide all the essentials needed for his daughter.

all shit set aside...what if you were in his shoes, and in his neighborhood....imagine with me...you’re broke, depressed, white man in a black neighborhood, twisted mother who is suppose to be there for you through every step of your harsh long life---later on you’re blessed with a daughter as well as a talent that you know you have but it seems to you that no one cares because they’re all a bunch of racist motherfuckers. Did you imagine that? No I bet you didn’t because you don’t care to listen. You think that your great because you disrespected the only man out there who has the balls enough to show everyone else how the world is. Yes, eminem does talk about bitches, drugs, violence, and insane thoughts. But if you listen very closely then you will see that he is saying NOT to do any of this. He is showing the people out there how stupid it is to do the shit that he did/or thought of. Bottom line eminem is the greatest MC out there…right now. There are many legends that eminem was both friends with and inspired by. Don’t try to strip eminem of...

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Uploaded by:   infinite_drugs

Date:   10/18/2006

Category:   Art And Music

Length:   2 pages (458 words)

Views:   1719

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Understand Eminem

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