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Term Papers 181 - 210

Explain the formation and the break down of the First Triumvirate

The formation of the First Triumvirate took place because of the political motives and the personal motives of the three ruthlessl...

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kai-waldon Published on 08/03/2002 3614 Reads Ancient Rome

Explain the meanings and discuss the concepts and origins of Samurai and Bushido code

“Explain the meanings and discuss the concepts and origins of Samurai and Bushido code, then relate these concepts towards the mod...

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kai-waldon Published on 08/03/2002 2468 Reads World War II

The First Triumvirate

“3 paragraphs, why did Caesar, Pompey and Crassus need the (amicittia) First Triumvirate.” Crassus’ motives for the need for th...

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kai-waldon Published on 08/03/2002 2580 Reads Ancient Rome

What is the anatomy of a modern revolution?

A revolution is a general and fundamental change in the political order when the mass of people rejects its government and the way...

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sarahsarah Published on 07/31/2002 1814 Reads History

Historical Misconceptions About Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy

All Presidents have faced the challenge of keeping people united in times of conflict and turmoil; this specifically applied to Pr...

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trillianmcmillan Published on 07/30/2002 2470 Reads American History

History of Beer

Between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago, some humans discontinued their nomadic hunting and gathering and settled down to farm. Grain ...

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osmanator Published on 07/28/2002 1771 Reads History

John Strachan: the first bishop of Toronto, a holy man or a holy terror?

John Strachan: The Holy Terror Many individuals appear to have honourable intentions but often their objectives are flawed. Joh...

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frollypoo Published on 06/13/2002 2064 Reads History

Great leaders - Nnamdi Azikiwe and Patrick Henry

Both Nnamdi Azikiwe and Patrick Henry though they lived more than two hundred years apart from each other, were leaders of their o...

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asiajewel Published on 06/10/2002 1613 Reads History

Why History is Important to us?

Can anything worthwhile be gained from continued research into historical events? History seen as study of the past is an integ...

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nemesis_irf Published on 06/07/2002 2243 Reads History

How the Greek revered their gods

In ancient times, the Greeks had absolute and undeniable respect for their gods. They demonstrated their admiration by putting in ...

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kash Published on 06/07/2002 3050 Reads Ancient Greece

The Afterlife and Beyond

Egyptians were loyal to their gods and to their pharaohs who were gods on earth, as established by their enthusiasm to build the p...

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mike mason Published on 05/27/2002 1757 Reads History

To what extent did propaganda influence Nazi consolidation of power 1933-1939?

The Nazi regime in Germany implemented itself swiftly and effectively – the National Socialists had only three Nazis in a cabinet ...

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bagpuss Published on 05/26/2002 3129 Reads Nazi Germany

California History

1. EPIC EPIC is the Educational Participation in Communities. This organization involves students as volunteers in the fight agai...

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busby777 Published on 05/21/2002 1884 Reads American History

Ancient Mayan Civilization

The Ancient Mayan Civilization was built upon a rigid social structure based on their religious beliefs. They used a caste social ...

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AnnieHathaway Published on 05/12/2002 2225 Reads History

The Colonization of Modern Africa

Many of today's distant countries are underdeveloped or not developed at all. People are going through famine and even dieing of s...

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kleebaby Published on 05/09/2002 2087 Reads History

How and why did Federation (in Australia) occur?

Federation was the coming together in 1901 of the six separate Australian colonies to form what is now the Commonwealth of Austral...

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schmick Published on 05/06/2002 2547 Reads History

Chile - The Pinochet Era

Background: Salvador Allende Gossens was elected the first Marxist president of Chile in 1970. He governed Chile from 1970 until ...

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schmick Published on 05/06/2002 2201 Reads History

Segregation and Housing in Chicago

Chicago was the best place to live and visit for anyone. Many people traveled from far places to visit and live in Chicago. Long a...

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Sspice7 Published on 05/06/2002 2097 Reads American History

The Humane Work of Nurses & Voluntary Aid Detachments during WW1

The dictionary describes the word “ humane “ as … “…humane adj. Kind, compassionate, merciful.” and this was indeed so in the...

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Daryl Chambers Published on 05/04/2002 2922 Reads World War I

Mao's Cultural Revolution

Dressed in the drab military uniform that symbolized the revolutionary government of Communist China, Mao Zedong's body still look...

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madimizel Published on 05/03/2002 1984 Reads History


The 1950's were quite radical in fact, this is the decade that began rock n' roll, the civil rights movement, better family living...

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Dildo187 Published on 04/27/2002 2180 Reads American History

Was the Atomic Bomb used to stop Soviet expansion?

There has been a long- standing debate on why the atomic bomb was used to defeat Japan. The threat of Russian advancement in Europ...

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lawells Published on 04/26/2002 2357 Reads History

Who is Arafat

Now more than ever President Bush is pushing Israel for a withdrawal from the Palestinian-occupied territories in order get the ce...

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yaminov Published on 04/23/2002 1541 Reads History

The "Red Scare" Reality

During the cold war, fear and hostility toward communism were the driving forces behind many of the social and foreign policies in...

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geoff127 Published on 04/22/2002 1851 Reads History

Racism in Nazi Germany

Explain how Hitler made use of racism to carry out domestic and foreifn policy between 1928 and 1941 Throughout Nazi Germany in...

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katno1 Published on 04/21/2002 2825 Reads Nazi Germany

Philippine History

Spanish Colony 1565 - 1898 Ferdinand Magellan set out from Spain in 1519 on the first voyage to circumnavigate the globe with fiv...

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wolfman692 Published on 04/08/2002 2872 Reads History

The Causes of the Cold War -- Post-Revisionist

This is from AP history and bear with me because some of the stuff got a little screwed up in transit. :-) Dwight D. Eisenhower...

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Voltaire2202 Published on 04/06/2002 2699 Reads American History

Who Voted For the Nazis?

1. Review the evidence concerning who voted for the Nazis in the elections in Germany of 1928 to 1933. Consider the different grou...

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GlobalBarbie Published on 04/06/2002 2421 Reads Nazi Germany

To what extent was Hitler's success in coming to power due to the depression?

Hitler became chancellor in January 1933. By March he had full dictatorial power. There is no doubt that the impact of the depress...

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simon_simo13 Published on 04/06/2002 2881 Reads Nazi Germany

Discuss the issues of perspective and purpose of history

History is a story told over time. It is a way of recreating the past so it can be studied in the present and re-interpreted for f...

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simon_simo13 Published on 04/06/2002 2079 Reads History