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The Colonization of Modern Africa

Uploaded by kleebaby on May 09, 2002

Many of today's distant countries are underdeveloped or not developed at all. People are going through famine and even dieing of starvation. These countries have demanding governments, and not enough money. Many countries with in Africa are just like this. The colonization of modern Africa has had many life changing effects on the people of Africa. Some of the effects of colonization are on the governments, the farming system, and the educational value.

Colonization has greatly effected the governments of Africa. Africa gained political independence in the 1950’s. Even though political independence was gained there are still many problems with their governments. There is a lack of political experience. Political boundaries, set by the Europeans, have cut across ethnic lines putting diverse people under the same government. This has lead to civil wars. The military is also weak.

Just like the government, the farming in Africa is affected by colonization. Africa has many different forms of farming, one of them is Subsistence farming. Subsistence farming is when one farms for just for his family or village. Another type of farming is Commercial farming, or organized farming as a business. There is also Shift farming, which is when a farmer moves every one to three years to find better soil. Only two-fifths of Africa has arable land. Many farmers go hungry or bankrupt because they become dependent on one cash crop.

Unlike the government and the farming problem of modern Africa, there are many good effects of colonization. Education has had many good effects like the new schools built and universities. People are furthering their educations and getting better jobs. There are so many more opportunities for people with a higher educations. People are also learning to read an write, they hope for their literacy rate to get higher.

There are many different effects of colonization. Because of colonization there have been many effects on the governments, farming system, and the education of the people. There has been good and bad effects from colonization. There are still many obstacles for the future though.

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Uploaded by:   kleebaby

Date:   05/09/2002

Category:   History

Length:   2 pages (339 words)

Views:   1889

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The Colonization of Modern Africa

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