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Term Papers 271 - 300


What was Prohibition Introduced? In the 1920’s American politics was dominated by democracy and the idea of isolationism to keep ...

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charliethomas Published on 11/21/2001 1624 Reads American History

World Trade Center Tragdy

At 8:45am a hijacked plane crashed into the World Trade Centre, 9:03am a second hijacked plane crashed into the World Trade Centre...

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mywayout Published on 11/19/2001 1807 Reads American History

Why Was There Relative Stability in the Balkans, In the Period 1890-1908?

Between the years of 1890 and 1908 there was a period of relative stability in the Balkan area. Whilst, in this essay, it is my pr...

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Andy_Jones Published on 11/17/2001 1398 Reads European History

Ancient Egypt - Land of the River

“All of Egypt is the gift of the Nile.” It was the Greek historian Herodotus who made that observation. The remarkable benefits of...

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Abe Abouzeid Published on 11/16/2001 1443 Reads History

Regents of the University of California v. Bakke

Established in 1968, the medical school at the University of California implemented a special admissions program to increase the r...

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Radiohack Published on 11/16/2001 1938 Reads American History

Truman Doctrine

"I believe that it must be the policy of the United States to support free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed...

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sonoma14022 Published on 11/13/2001 3334 Reads American History

Imperialism in India

British imperialism on India had many positive and negative affects on both the mother country, Britain and the colony, India. Man...

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Curtiss3368 Published on 11/13/2001 2168 Reads European History


The emperor, Claudius, was a man with great integrity, individuality, common sense, patriotism and determination. From his struggl...

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mary_jane Published on 11/11/2001 1870 Reads Ancient Rome

Why was Hitler able to rise to power in Germany in 1933?

On 30th January 1933, Hindenburg received Hitler in audience and appointed him chancellor. It came as a shock to some people but m...

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vickrum007 Published on 11/09/2001 5815 Reads Nazi Germany

Hernan Cortes - Reasons for Success

Why was Cortes with 508 soldiers able to conquer the Aztec Empire with millions of people? Cortes was able to conquer the Aztec...

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mattblome Published on 11/09/2001 3815 Reads History

Flying Tigers

Flying Tigers is the name of a mercenary group of American pilots that helped defend China and the Burma Road from the bombing of ...

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ef904178 Published on 11/09/2001 2367 Reads World War II


Civics is the study of citizenship and government. The word comes from the Latin word CIVIS, meaning "citizen." In ancient Rome, w...

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Skippy Published on 11/08/2001 1704 Reads American History

The Enlightenment

The Age of Enlightenment saw many great changes in Western Europe. It was an age of reason and philosophes. During this age, chang...

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Marcel Published on 11/08/2001 1400 Reads European History

Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881- 1965: A Historical Review

This paper discusses Jewish involvement in shaping United States immigration policy. In addition to a periodic interest in fosteri...

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jai Published on 11/08/2001 1303 Reads American History

2001: A Peace Odyssey?

Introduction When I was in Ireland in 1997, I learned one important thing within few days: Do not ask, talk or enter into discuss...

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strider Published on 11/04/2001 1326 Reads European History

The Economic Boom 1920s

After the First World War America was a completely different country. The twenties was a very unusual time period in American Hist...

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alexaylen Published on 10/29/2001 3162 Reads American History

Evacuation Of Children WW2

During World War 2, many children were moved from areas that were at risk from bombing. The children had to leave their families a...

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alexaylen Published on 10/29/2001 2512 Reads World War II

David Abraham

“Grave Offenses” vs. “Tendentious Misconstruals” The David Abraham Case The historical field concerning the Weimar Republic, G...

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beerma Published on 10/27/2001 3321 Reads History

Problems of Medieval Europe

The setting: Medieval Europe. The problem: the pope is living in Avignon, under strict control from the French King. The plague is...

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punkerday Published on 10/27/2001 1427 Reads European History

Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine

In the year 1122, soon to be Duke William X of Aquitaine was informed that his bride of one year, Aenor, daughter of the Viscount ...

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Lorri-Ann Published on 10/25/2001 1895 Reads European History

Hitler's Foreign Policy

Question: Discuss Hitler’s eventual gaining of Lebensraum. Was it mealy oppurtunistic or astutely planned? The argument that H...

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mzahn Published on 10/24/2001 2888 Reads Nazi Germany

Stock Market Crash 1929

The Great Depression was the worst economic slump ever in U.S. history, and one, which spread to virtually the entire industrializ...

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imall4it Published on 10/22/2001 1959 Reads American History

Why Mesopotamia Is Great: Persuasive Essay

The “Land Between the Rivers” has been a source of both savage barbarism and great civilizations. Mesopotamian culture reached its...

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Marcel Published on 10/20/2001 2249 Reads History

Traffic and Urban Congestion: 1955-1970

In 1960, Great Britain still had no urban freeways. But with the ownership of private cars becoming ever more common, the problem ...

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sentiencenerd Published on 10/19/2001 1610 Reads American History

The New Deal - changed the course of government and politics more by accident than by design

The New Deal period has generally - but not unanimously - been seen as a turning point in American politics, with the states relin...

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sentiencenerd Published on 10/19/2001 1970 Reads American History

Greek Legacies

Greek legacies are their governmental systems, culture and arts, and science and technology. Classical Greece was a time where the...

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LANCEGIRL85 Published on 10/18/2001 2682 Reads Ancient Greece

World War II

The Treaty of Versailles faltered to heal the bitter mess that formed between countries in World War I. It left Germany in a terri...

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SMRT2 Published on 10/16/2001 2366 Reads World War II

Heian Japan

Tenth-century Japan is characterized by images of elegance, beauty, and sophistication. Ritual and ceremony seem to shape nearly e...

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jonnalynn Published on 10/15/2001 1634 Reads History

Hitler's rise to power and Weimar weakness

Assess the extent to which Hitler’s rise to power was a result of Weimar weakness. "One seldom recognises the devil when he is ...

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abrown Published on 10/13/2001 2464 Reads Nazi Germany

Torture Throughout The Ages

Whoever’s listening, Do you know what an Iron Maiden, a Garrote, or maybe Water Torture are used for? No? Well here’s the...

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Juggalo69 Published on 10/13/2001 1484 Reads History