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Foreign Policy

Uploaded by Duchess1013 on Dec 08, 2001

Foreign policy relates to international matters such as participation in NATO, international trade agreements, and maintaining peaceful relations with the Soviet Union and other nations. It is the principle and activities that constitute the role of the United States in relation to the rest of the world. National security is the primary goal of foreign policy. It also holds the security of United States citizens and properties abroad. With foreign policy the United States tries to maintain international stability. Also with foreign policy we are able to help other country's with economic assistance. The United States is able to provide many needy country's with food, supplies, and money. In fact, since World War II the United States has been able to provide over a hundred nations with three hundred billion dollars. The president is kind of like the head of foreign policy. He is the commander in cheif, he also heads the sea, land, and air forces of the united States. He is head of American foreign policy through the powers granted by the Constitution or acquired through tradition. He is chief diplomat and head of state, and being that he is able to represent the United States at hime and abroad. He can initiate treaties and agreements with foreign leaders. There are also many people and agencies that help the president with some of his decisions regarding foreign policy. The president does not do it all by himself. Foreign policy affects the people, The decisions on foreign policy are very complex. Foreign policy has an effect on international relations and on national security. We Americans are a blessed people in a blessed land. We exist in a time of unprecedented prosperity. Our farms feed ourselves and much of the world. The devastation of war has not touched our soil in 140 years. Millions every year risk their lives, in ways legal and illegal, to become part of the on-going experiment called the United States of America. Many die in the attempt; a few arrive with malice, and wreak havoc far disproportionate to their numbers before they are inevitably brought to ground; but most come with a hope and ambition that transcends color and language, and contribute to that constant national re-invention and re-invigoration that makes us so unique. At the end of one century and the beginning of another, we seem...

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Uploaded by:   Duchess1013

Date:   12/08/2001

Category:   American History

Length:   3 pages (693 words)

Views:   1413

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Foreign Policy

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