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Term Papers 481 - 510

Alwayz and Forever

Alwayz and Forever in my heart you will stay. My love for you grows with each passing day. Always and Forever I will remain fait...

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Admin Published on 03/25/2001 1604 Reads Poems

Violet’s Love

Sun: Little violet with color of the heaven, Why are your tender petals so sadly fallen on the ground? Doesn’t anyone forget to...

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anaid Published on 03/24/2001 1466 Reads Creative Writing

The First Gash of Pain

As I first realized that he was gone I was astonished. My grandfather whome I had seen the day before. He was dead... forever. It ...

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jellybean400 Published on 03/19/2001 1511 Reads Creative Writing

The Omega Directive

I was on my way into the ‘office’ and I saw the secretary; “Hey Cheryl.” “Hey Martin. Here, isn’t it the big day today?” she ask...

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Admin Published on 03/18/2001 1258 Reads Creative Writing

The Hacker

It was a lonely Saturday night. The wind was howling through the branches of the old oak tree outside my window. The branches sway...

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Admin Published on 03/18/2001 1646 Reads Creative Writing

How to get to school without saying the F word

Ingredients: Yourself and the city of New York Please! Don’t scream too loud at the sunlight piercing your protesting eyes, tor...

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Jeniffer Published on 03/17/2001 1560 Reads Creative Writing

The Chain Linked Fence

He was a quiet man, never bothered anyone and hated to be bothered. Walter kept to himself mostly, no one wanted to talk to him an...

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kylee Published on 03/15/2001 1670 Reads Creative Writing

Tyler - the tragic death of a teen

The countless stars filled the February night sky Weeping for a soul that didn’t have to die A warm heart, an enchanting smile...

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kylee Published on 03/15/2001 1358 Reads Poems


You breathe softly into my ear Unspoken words rush into my head Feelings, passions, without a name Breezing, fluttering, whirri...

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virgorose33 Published on 03/14/2001 1619 Reads Poems

Head in the Clouds

You travel to distant worlds with the snap of your fingers. Worlds lush, rich, full of perfect love and unforgotten harmony Your...

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virgorose33 Published on 03/13/2001 1274 Reads Poems

John and the Rebels: Act V of Tragedy of Richard III rewritten as a narrative for a ten-year-old.

The boy-page held the tent flap open as Richmond and his officers emerged out. They had been occupied in there since the messenger...

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kankean_au Published on 03/06/2001 2021 Reads Creative Writing

Welcome to the Procrastinatorium

While I'm sitting here at my computer, in my air conditioned home, with the radio blaring and the t.v. on downstairs, I try to ima...

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teapotica Published on 03/05/2001 1632 Reads Creative Writing

An interesting story, purely imaginative

In winter all the trees and fields are bare, and both covered by dewy, frosty cobwebs made by early, busy spiders. The webs are ev...

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poo_on_your_face Published on 03/03/2001 1407 Reads Creative Writing

Hockey, My Life

The hockey game that I played three years ago for the championship has been one of the greatest events of my life. That game was o...

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bardia99 Published on 03/03/2001 1512 Reads Creative Writing

Earthly Experience

Ohmigosh! You will never believe this. I, Nebula Stellar, got a date with an Earthling! I know this might seem stupid to you, but ...

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Admin Published on 02/28/2001 1369 Reads Creative Writing


Cant explain this internal pain stripped down worthless here without a purpose a mystery yet to come no time for fun my hea...

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Jil_H Published on 02/23/2001 1657 Reads Poems


" A man of character finds a special attractiveness in difficulty, since it is only by coming to grips with difficulty that he can...

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Admin Published on 02/17/2001 1883 Reads Creative Writing

An Abstract Gift but a Rare One

I was thinking since a week ago about a nice present that I could offer it to you :trouseres or a tee-shirt or a big soft

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rymana Published on 02/15/2001 1478 Reads Creative Writing

The Nightmare

I couldn't wait for my family and I to take our annual vacation. It was during those times that I enjoyed myself most. I had antic...

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SBihsnum Published on 02/13/2001 1259 Reads Creative Writing

What Life Is

Life is very funny. Many people think of it as a game that must be played to the end or some may think of it as a journey in searc...

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thelox98 Published on 02/12/2001 1605 Reads Poems

Our 12 Year Hell

12 long years we go through this Hell, The Man just takes us down. Then we have 4 more years, and The Man just takes us down. ...

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Admin Published on 02/11/2001 1645 Reads Poems

Two tear drops

The shiny little rain drops brightened up the sky, Falling one after the other in every little corner of the street, Dressed in ...

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shivika2 Published on 02/10/2001 1788 Reads Poems

Popularity - Writing to Reflect

I want to talk about the thing that strives many teens have to be popular in schools. It seems as though that popularity is a ...

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kaos_42 Published on 02/09/2001 1617 Reads Creative Writing

The Mean Green Bear

''Look at that tree! Something falling out! Let's go see! I'm going to check it out!'' ''Is it mean? Is it yellow? Is it gre...

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madddogg52 Published on 02/08/2001 1409 Reads Poems

The Test

My eyelids drooped as I poured yet another cup of coffee, so that I might stay awake long enough to study the last thousand pages ...

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Ash0683 Published on 02/05/2001 1421 Reads Creative Writing

An Ironic Night

It was Friday night January 12 and Tanya, Heidi, and I were on our way to the movies. We drove in Heidi’s brand new 2000 silver Mu...

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afbabe246 Published on 02/04/2001 1489 Reads Creative Writing

The Little Girl

Her parents never took young girls to church, Never spoke of his name, Never read her his words, Two non-beleivers walking lost...

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shivika2 Published on 02/01/2001 1544 Reads Poems

Stuck in the City

The Darkness of night, Awoken by the rays of morning. The bright light which everybody hates to look at, But can’t live withou...

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cblood Published on 01/27/2001 1383 Reads Poems

Thoughts Before Dying

Hunter Creed, a man of 24, looks out at the horizon ahead of him. He thinks of his life: his past, the present, and his future. He...

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nation12 Published on 01/25/2001 1341 Reads Creative Writing

Life Without N Sync - A Satirical Essay

Life without N’Sync: A soon-to-be reality, or a teenaged girl’s worst nightmare? I would hate to even suggest that we might soo...

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tallshipchick Published on 01/21/2001 2083 Reads Creative Writing