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Two tear drops

Uploaded by shivika2 on Feb 10, 2001

The shiny little rain drops brightened up the sky,
Falling one after the other in every little corner of the street,
Dressed in a sweet pink raincoat, came a little girl,
With tears falling down her pale little cheeks,
A tear for sadness and a tear for joy,
Two tear drops was what I saw that pouring night.

I remember , I remember,
The house where I was born,
All those treasured memories now a part of my past,
I shed a tear of pain and sorrow for the past,
And a tear of happiness and fortune for the present.

Just the other night I saw a middle aged man sitting in the hospital,
Praying to thee God for strength and wisdom, with utmost sincerity,
Few moments later a nurse came up to him and gave news of his new born child,
His face lit up, with joy as his eyes filled with tears,
And he looked up above and thanked the lord .

Beside me was an old , lonely man ,
Silently grieving the death of his beloved wife,
For lord takes, what lord gives,
And there I sat that night,as I shed two tear drops,
One to rejoice the birth of a new born baby,
And another to lament the death of a dear one.

Well I guess that's what life's all about,
One day we'll be in agony and on another we'll be exhilarating with joy,
For just like love exist so does hatred,
So just like joy exist so does sadness.

These two tear drops simple as they seem,
Makes the deepest and largest oceans of the world,
For no matter how much it rains and snows,
We'll always know that, that it takes just two tear drops,
One happy and one sad , to make up the world today.

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Uploaded by:   shivika2

Date:   02/10/2001

Category:   Poems

Length:   1 pages (279 words)

Views:   1801

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Two tear drops

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