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Earthly Experience

Uploaded by Admin on Feb 28, 2001

Ohmigosh! You will never believe this. I, Nebula Stellar, got a date with an Earthling! I know this might seem stupid to you, but I’m not from your planet. I’m from the planet Koosha, just a couple of light years away from Earth. Kooshians look like little balls of fluff with arms and legs and faces.

So how did I meet this guy? Well I was out exploring in my Spacecruiser on a nice summer day, when I found I planet I’ve never saw before in my space explorations. “Oh so this must be Earth!” I said to myself. My cousin is one of the many aliens living on Earth in a human form. And I decided to drop in on him since I haven’t seen him in awhile. So I did a little shape change and prepared to land.

Man, I must work on my landings. I didn’t have any idea where I was or who that strange but gorgeous looking guy was. I must have been knocked unconscious during the crash. “Well look who’s up,” the guy said.
“Who are you? Where am I? Why does my head hurt?”
“ My name is Davian and this is my house in San Diego.”
“Wow, is that on Earth?”
“Ummm, yeah,” he said looking at me like I just said something totally stupid. Hey I didn’t know! “Where are you from?”
“Koo -I mean- umm…San Diego.” I wonder if he still thinks I’m stupid.
“That’s nice…get some rest.”

When I woke up the strange guy wasn’t home, so invited myself to check out the house. In this one room, it had a big bowl with bad tasting water… I was thirsty, okay.

And when you pressed the little handle all the water went down the hole and new water came in. Cool huh?

After I finished exploring the inside, I went outside. “My Spacecruiser! I yelled as I rushed over to the pile of bent metal and broken glass.
“Is that yours?”
“Oh hi, Davian. Yes it’s mine. I crashed it when I was trying to land.”
“So what is it?”
“It’s a Spacecruiser.”
“Wait a minute! So you’re telling me that you were traveling around in space and tried to land but crashed in my backyard?”
“I can explain…I’m…I…borrowed it from a professor friend of mine to test it and I gotta go bye.” That was close. I almost told him I was an alien!
“Hold on. I don’t even know your name?”
“Nebula,” I answered...

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Uploaded by:   Admin

Date:   02/28/2001

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   6 pages (1,425 words)

Views:   1469

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