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Term Papers 361 - 390

A Vision of Death

Since a long time ago, one topic that caught writer's attention is the death and all related to it. It influenced in a such way th...

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altermann Published on 12/14/2001 1314 Reads Creative Writing

Life in 2131

In the year 2131 the world will be a very different place, but not completely unrecognizable. One-hundred thirty years from now th...

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Duchess1013 Published on 12/11/2001 1045 Reads Creative Writing


Here I am I cannot sleep This pain within me Is much too deep My chest is aching I feel the love Your face, so soft Just li...

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Blondie^ Published on 12/10/2001 1377 Reads Poems


Dan woke up suddenly and checked his alarm clock. He never liked that little thing, because he never quite figured out how to make...

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Lenders Published on 12/10/2001 1103 Reads Creative Writing

Blind and Deaf

So you are Adam Lenders - said the chief editor of the local newspaper. 25 years old, born in the U.S.A. but currently living in H...

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Lenders Published on 12/10/2001 1316 Reads Creative Writing

Poetry and Love

I never believed that life could be so strange. Now, I am sure that there is no stranger than life. I never believed in love, at l...

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polite17 Published on 12/08/2001 1347 Reads Creative Writing


the arsenal of human bite marks a desperate quality healthy parents want better guns for their children the soldiers beseechin...

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Scrumptie17 Published on 12/08/2001 1589 Reads Poems

I'll always love you - Short story

"Good night mom and dad; I'll see you in the morning, and I'm really sorry." Tiffany said as she trudged up the stairs. It was jus...

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Duchess1013 Published on 12/08/2001 1223 Reads Creative Writing

Lord of the Flies Story: The Nightmare Is Over, Or Is It?

This is the supposed lost chapter, Chapter Thirteen, or William Golding's novel, Lord of the Flies.... On deck of the cruiser, ...

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Scrumptie17 Published on 12/05/2001 1477 Reads Creative Writing

Poetic Rant

What Am I supposed to understand that Subliminal messages leave my mind a vacant lot If it’s not crystal there’s no point in sa...

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Lokio Published on 11/21/2001 1314 Reads Poems

dont let friends drink and drive

Near the door he paused to stand As he took his class ring off her hand All who were watching did not speek, as silent tears ra...

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amyct7 Published on 11/16/2001 1383 Reads Poems

The Mute

Love and hope and pity and zest and feelings we distrust others want what we detest persuade to be a must Surrounded by a ...

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remembrME Published on 11/16/2001 1406 Reads Poems

The World

I close my eyes and I find myself in a world of great fantasy where peace and pleasure prevail. I close my eyes, and I fi...

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Structure Published on 11/15/2001 1331 Reads Poems


It’s not hard to imagine it’s not hard, to throw an illusion in the air. The simplest might be to close our eyes to life...

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Structure Published on 11/15/2001 1081 Reads Poems

Leaving Home...

Pack your bags, get yourself together, we are leaving Put the stuff in the car, hang on tight for a long trip, we are leaving Sa...

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PaulCao Published on 11/09/2001 1551 Reads Poems

Thirteen Miles Away

Nat slowly reached for the tap. The shiny silver colour was smothered with large fingerprints. Before her fingers touched the tap ...

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lulabelle Published on 11/09/2001 1126 Reads Creative Writing

First Life Experience

Up to now my life had more imaginations than I carried out in my dreams. It was full of amazing and incredible events, surprises t...

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bisab Published on 11/09/2001 1812 Reads Creative Writing

Autumn Rain

I awoke to the soft trickling of water outside my window. It took me a moment to realize that it is raining again; the tranquil so...

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Ruolan Liu Published on 11/08/2001 1404 Reads Creative Writing

Motivate my indifference

“So what college do you want to go?” asked Mrs.Scully. “I want to go to Harvard.”, “I want to go to Yale”, a group of 3rd graders ...

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PaulCao Published on 11/07/2001 1291 Reads Creative Writing



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void Published on 11/04/2001 1541 Reads Poems

My Beach

I'm walking along the beach. It is not just any beach, it is my beach. Of course not really but I call it my beach, because every ...

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Sunflower Published on 10/29/2001 1527 Reads Creative Writing

A Tear

One day about five years ago when I was helping my mom to clean up the attic, I found a shoebox full of love-letters. They were lo...

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Sunflower Published on 10/27/2001 1241 Reads Creative Writing

My Mother

My mother is like a rose. She is beautiful, gentle, something special, She is strong, deeply rooted in the ground, There's no w...

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Sunflower Published on 10/27/2001 1346 Reads Poems

I remember...

I remember the day she died as if it had happened yesterday. She died when I was thirteen. That was eight years ago. It...

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Sunflower Published on 10/26/2001 1309 Reads Creative Writing

College Application Essay

My parents influence some of my actions and thoughts--like cleaning the room, washing clothes, and tidying the computer table. Mos...

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CollegeKid2002 Published on 10/25/2001 1773 Reads Creative Writing

College Application Essay

I lived on a farm in southern Indiana for seven years. This static way of life changed drastically and abruptly two years ago when...

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CollegeKid2002 Published on 10/25/2001 1850 Reads Creative Writing

College Application Essay

John F. Kennedy said, "ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." It is in the spirit of thi...

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CollegeKid2002 Published on 10/25/2001 1888 Reads Creative Writing

College Application Essay

Progress has always been a goal of the United States and of the world. In our eagerness to define and measure progress, we have cr...

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CollegeKid2002 Published on 10/25/2001 1787 Reads Creative Writing


When I was little, I used to dream about being the Governor of Hong Kong. I still remember the composition I wrote in my primary s...

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CollegeKid2002 Published on 10/22/2001 1502 Reads Creative Writing

Memoir of My Dying Soul

The warm sensation rushed from my body as my cover was ripped away from my skin. The flourish of the music pouring from the radio ...

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Staindspikez Published on 10/20/2001 1381 Reads Creative Writing