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Life in 2131

Uploaded by Duchess1013 on Dec 11, 2001

In the year 2131 the world will be a very different place, but not completely unrecognizable. One-hundred thirty years from now there will be a little community in space. People will be sent to space to do specific experiments regarding gravity and how to make earth and space travel more convenient. Life will be centered around what is happening in space.

The space station will house many families chosen to conduct the research. There will be a small school and college, of course, but it will not be like anything anyone has ever seen before. The teachers will be here on earth because there will not be enough room for all of the teachers on the space station. A teacher will appear to the students as some sort of hologram and will be able to monitor all of their activities, he just will not be tangible. The students on the space station will be more knowledgeable of things such as: science, history, and mathematics, but they will not know about earthly things such as: a common sneeze, solar-powered cars, buses, and planes. All the people in space will have a type of mini laptop, which will act as a computer, a telephone with a screen, and a hover board. Instead of going to the movies on a Saturday night, the teenagers will drive their space pods around the universe.

In the space station everything will be sanitary. There will be no germs, which means no one will ever be sick. Researchers will discover cures for earthly diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and others yet to be discovered.

The earth will be pushed slightly out of its orbit because of the experiments being conducted on the space station. It would not be so far out of orbit that it would completely fall apart, but the earth's core temperature would drop approximately 10º K

causing everyone to wear many layers of clothing. No one will ever be able to swim because we will not have a summer. There will only be three seasons – spring, fall, and winter.

Everyone who works will have all their salary put into a universal bank. If you do not work and if you cannot put money into the bank then you will not be able to take any money out. Because of this system no one will ever have to pay taxes. Of course, there will be a limit of...

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Uploaded by:   Duchess1013

Date:   12/11/2001

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   2 pages (552 words)

Views:   1051

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Life in 2131

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