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Term Papers 241 - 266

"Maybe, just maybe..."

Maybe they'll have forgotten what I look like by now, I mean they only saw me once. In six long years of high school I have not on...

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Admin Published on 12/17/2000 1720 Reads Poems

Crash Down

And if you should crash down and break apart If all your dreams should shatter and burn in the fire And if all that you can see ...

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Vickria Published on 12/15/2000 1642 Reads Poems

Sadistic People Suck

Your inner demon turned you about, your inner demon burned you out. Torment, tease and frustrate you, your inner demon tears you a...

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Admin Published on 11/28/2000 1899 Reads Poems

Scarlet Colored Savior

The mark of the beast came from within, the mark of the beast drew her sin. Hate is all she knew, hate from which she grew. Tatter...

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Chateau64 Published on 11/27/2000 1587 Reads Poems

To Still Run Back

If only I could see you in my arms To say that your mine To hold and love you To be there for you when you need me To say that...

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Invu2bme Published on 11/22/2000 1757 Reads Poems

Thank God For Believers

A single lie entangled my thoughts with confusion, Like rumors through a hallway, the lie continues to grow. Now spun is a web o...

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Admin Published on 11/12/2000 2004 Reads Poems

In the Night

Listen to our loud silent dear God Listen to our cry; We fall to your feet Yet our cries are not heard; We died under fear By...

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Vickria Published on 11/06/2000 1601 Reads Poems

Rape Of Innocence

Casting your eyes up, Towards the star pierced sky, The sky stained crimson red, A piercing gaze from the person opposite, S...

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gantoris Published on 10/29/2000 1850 Reads Poems


My lips so tainted In the blood they tasted. Created in the mists of time I stand naked in the moonlight, Skin glistening in t...

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gantoris Published on 10/29/2000 1901 Reads Poems

Questioning Existance

If I really exist Please explain why I am not a Group of dozen drunken women or a statue full of chocolate coated peanuts Or...

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s Published on 10/21/2000 1561 Reads Poems

Porphyria's Lover and My Last Duchess

Compare the two poems ‘Porphyria’s Lover’ and ‘My Last Duchess’ by Robert Browning. What do they reveal about attitudes to women a...

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shortjonathan Published on 10/10/2000 3227 Reads Poems

Life and Chess

To run, to hide, to fight, Are the questions we face, day and night. To run, to hide, to fight, You have options, choose well, ...

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windrider Published on 09/14/2000 2060 Reads Poems

The Kiss

Hesistant, he feels Drumming his fingers against his side Keeping cool, as he tries Directing attention to the sky Nevously, h...

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xhodrebel Published on 08/31/2000 1839 Reads Poems


When things go wrong, When things don't go the way you wanted, You know it's the right time To call it quits. He or she wouldn...

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xhodrebel Published on 08/31/2000 1827 Reads Poems

Rose Circle

Rose, oh how you lie there, Lifeless and withered, Deprived of water and of food, You struggle to survive, You catch the odd...

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gantoris Published on 08/22/2000 1932 Reads Poems

Sesame Street (Drug Trip)

I see the world, With eyes of yesterday, The fear of death lies around the corner, The smell of drugs on the street, You lie...

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gantoris Published on 08/22/2000 2009 Reads Poems

Angle Reborn

Looking to the world, Looking to myself, I feel hurt, torn, My heart feels crushed, Crushed amongst the ones, Amongst the f...

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gantoris Published on 08/22/2000 1780 Reads Poems


Bridges are crossed daily, Some more often then other, Live consist of bridges, Some more stable than other, And if you fall...

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gantoris Published on 08/22/2000 2072 Reads Poems

Who are we?

Thoughts of trouble turn to rubble. Eyes closed. Mind free. Confusion is embraced by our dreams. Eyes closed. Mind ...

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calvind13 Published on 08/17/2000 1642 Reads Poems


SOMEONE When Someone is born Someone dies. When Someone laughs; Someone cries. If you love Someone let them know For they ...

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Admin Published on 07/10/2000 1682 Reads Poems

My Dream

A dream is a dream, is a dream. So come with me to a place not so far away where a dream is a dream and skies aren’t so grey. A...

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jwhit462 Published on 05/30/2000 1832 Reads Poems

Foster Child

But I guess tomorrow will flow away from the breath of today and cast to exist no more. For the world acts as a whore and gives yo...

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spiritgirlii Published on 05/26/2000 1994 Reads Poems

Dreamer's Dream

You may cry and wipe your tears away, Bleed may you do till the end of days, You may see and dream the bay Of stones and shadow...

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Vickria Published on 05/06/2000 1682 Reads Poems

The Soul

A forgoten sould come back not Yet in the heart of love Soul loving sould Tremble in the dust only to feel sorrow, To morn the...

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Invu2bme Published on 01/28/2000 1867 Reads Poems

You Need A...

You need a man, a man like me, Together we will sail across the sea. You need a man who doesn't run away in fright, You need a ...

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Admin Published on 12/16/1999 1807 Reads Poems

Drinking and Driving

We just went 'round the corner mum, and then we saw our friends We thought we would follow mum, just around the bend Then ther...

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Admin Published on 10/02/1999 1809 Reads Poems