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What do I say sorry for, and how do I start, Do I say what people want to hear, or do I speak from the heart, Do I apologise f...

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juvanyle Published on 02/23/2002 1382 Reads Poems


Dear God, I come to you not in a time of need, but in a time of worry, Dear God, all I see around me now is greed, and yet, Who ...

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juvanyle Published on 02/23/2002 1220 Reads Poems

My Life

My life came to the brink of extinction, It was meaningless and had no distinction, Every door locked, every turn a dead end, ...

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juvanyle Published on 02/23/2002 1220 Reads Poems

From one to Another

There you flirting Flaunting your sex appeal So much to go for Not one heart left to steal Everybody’s looking And you and yo...

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angel284_uk Published on 02/18/2002 1553 Reads Poems


The silence echoed in the darkness As the long day drew to a close. Non existent is the birdsong Lost many long years ago. Slo...

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angel284_uk Published on 02/18/2002 1575 Reads Poems


I'm a loser. I don't deserve to live, I'm a loser. I can't believe what I haven't did. I'm a loser, and I don't deserve to l...

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perpetualplague Published on 02/05/2002 1648 Reads Poems

Picture on the Wall

I put your picture on the wall put it in the back but it continues to fall speechless... cant progress at all... until I get ...

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perpetualplague Published on 02/05/2002 1398 Reads Poems

You Make Me So Nervous

You make me so nervous You make me so tense I snap and I stammer It doesn't make sense You make me so nervous I talk much...

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Aimee Published on 02/01/2002 1787 Reads Poems

Rest In Peace

As a tear roles down my face I'll swear it'll be the last My heart has been cut to shreads I think it's broken Needing of a ca...

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Aimee Published on 02/01/2002 1330 Reads Poems

A Tunnel Of Light

As I look at the stars above Thinking about my life I might make the first cut With this silver knife People ask me why I'...

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Aimee Published on 02/01/2002 1265 Reads Poems


Just wish I didn't feel this way today Cold hand covered by cold hand Looking to give it all away Just to have someone to hold...

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Vickria Published on 01/26/2002 1254 Reads Poems

Nights Compromise

At the stroke of 12 A big 'n' loud noise Whole silence Only its noise Something happens in thy heart The whole body sweats L...

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anna gupta Published on 01/16/2002 1106 Reads Poems

Businessman's Life

What's the life of businessman? Surrounded by worries 'n' tensions, For him nothing day or night, Life is dark like night bus...

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anna gupta Published on 01/15/2002 1487 Reads Poems

Is Money Everything

Is it money or funny? Not more imp than health The people art getting cunning due to wealth; Fights between brothers 'n' sister...

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anna gupta Published on 01/14/2002 1383 Reads Poems


Secrets among me I can’t decipher That lonely child keeps getting me higher While we dream of thoughts past I sit back and try...

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condensedAnger Published on 01/06/2002 962 Reads Poems

An Ode To War

We all are huddled in unison, united in our plight, though the night is young, the account is old, we all must fight the fight. ...

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jo_dunk Published on 01/03/2002 1251 Reads Poems


HOPE YOU'LL COME BACK i could still remember yesterday you bring out my natural smile you take my anxiety away with your swe...

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steyr_og Published on 01/01/2002 1552 Reads Poems

SEX 2000

sweating out, pouring cold sweat droplets, hot and horny for orgasmic ideas. pushing and pulling the epileptic hands that...

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iSkRuPuLO Published on 12/31/2001 1774 Reads Poems

Following Newtons Law

I am Going down, always down. -no signs of going up or anything whatsoever. I cannot contest with th...

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iSkRuPuLO Published on 12/31/2001 1362 Reads Poems


People are bitter. People are selfish. People are self-centered. People are greedy. People are mean. People are vil...

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iSkRuPuLO Published on 12/31/2001 1416 Reads Poems

The Myth of Time (Sumosaki Vs. Enigma)

Give me some time to think. You pressure me with your hourglass. Your concept, I am not supposed to believe in. But I am not gi...

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iSkRuPuLO Published on 12/31/2001 1152 Reads Poems

Staring into the eyes of lust while trying to remeber to breathe

His face was tranquil and still, the force of fortitude in the midst of the chaotic flickering of light that danced across his li...

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bored_rxqueen Published on 12/18/2001 1588 Reads Poems


Here I am I cannot sleep This pain within me Is much too deep My chest is aching I feel the love Your face, so soft Just li...

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Blondie^ Published on 12/10/2001 1264 Reads Poems


the arsenal of human bite marks a desperate quality healthy parents want better guns for their children the soldiers beseechin...

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Scrumptie17 Published on 12/08/2001 1475 Reads Poems

Poetic Rant

What Am I supposed to understand that Subliminal messages leave my mind a vacant lot If it’s not crystal there’s no point in sa...

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Lokio Published on 11/21/2001 1185 Reads Poems

dont let friends drink and drive

Near the door he paused to stand As he took his class ring off her hand All who were watching did not speek, as silent tears ra...

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amyct7 Published on 11/16/2001 1263 Reads Poems

The Mute

Love and hope and pity and zest and feelings we distrust others want what we detest persuade to be a must Surrounded by a ...

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remembrME Published on 11/16/2001 1280 Reads Poems

The World

I close my eyes and I find myself in a world of great fantasy where peace and pleasure prevail. I close my eyes, and I fi...

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Structure Published on 11/15/2001 1203 Reads Poems


It’s not hard to imagine it’s not hard, to throw an illusion in the air. The simplest might be to close our eyes to life...

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Structure Published on 11/15/2001 968 Reads Poems

Leaving Home...

Pack your bags, get yourself together, we are leaving Put the stuff in the car, hang on tight for a long trip, we are leaving Sa...

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PaulCao Published on 11/09/2001 1418 Reads Poems