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Term Papers 91 - 120

Taoism & Buddhism

It is always present in you. You can use it anyway you want. ~Lao-tzu Taoism and Buddhism are the two great philosophical and ...

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m2_walden Published on 12/08/2000 1598 Reads Religion


Buddha taught that in order to live a life that is free from pain and suffering people must eliminate any attachments to worldly g...

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Admin Published on 12/04/2000 1296 Reads Religion

Opposition to Evolution

Since the dawn of humanity, there has been a single question that has perplexed even the greatest of philosophers and scientists. ...

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b_salyer Published on 11/19/2000 1290 Reads Religion

Does God Exist?

In my life on this planet I have come to question many things that many take on as blind faith. We all know that someday we will '...

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zziegle Published on 11/17/2000 1374 Reads Religion


This is my personal thinking about my Religion, Cultural, Tradition and my land Punjab. I didn't mean or think of criticizing othe...

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bikram Published on 11/12/2000 1147 Reads Religion

Science vs Religion

Since the beginning of human history there have been many explanations for events that seem out of human control. In recent civili...

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armando038200 Published on 11/10/2000 1055 Reads Religion

Christian Teens

Teens reflect a culture all of their own within American society. The language that they speak, music that they listen to, and man...

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libramags Published on 10/22/2000 1530 Reads Religion

The Attributes of the Christian God

According to Christianity, the attributes of God can be organized into two categories: Physical and ethical or moral. Some terms a...

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akwa99 Published on 09/24/2000 1192 Reads Religion

Are Religion and Science One?

Is it possible that in our search for some basic reality, we humans may discover that although religion and science have always se...

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Admin Published on 08/18/2000 1334 Reads Religion

Early Christianity

The earliest recorded text teaching Christianity has its roots buried deep within Judaism. The birth, death and resurrection of Je...

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Admin Published on 07/31/2000 1696 Reads Religion

How can we be sure that what we are taught about Jesus is true and not just made up?

There are several ways in which we can be assured that what we are taught about Jesus is true and not just made up. These are call...

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mikepal Published on 07/05/2000 1056 Reads Religion

What Does it Mean to Keep a Day Holy?

To understand what it means to keep a day holy, one must understand what holy is. defines holy as spiritually whole...

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mikepal Published on 07/05/2000 1049 Reads Religion

Maharaja Ranjit Singh: The Sikh Ruler, in the eyes of non-Sikhs

According to the famous historian Carlyle, a worthy sovereign should be judged from a sole factor as to how he employs his sword a...

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getme Published on 06/27/2000 1557 Reads Religion

What is Religion?

According to the dictionary "religion is the service and worship of God or the supernatural."1 I challenge that definition. It is ...

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Admin Published on 06/03/2000 1316 Reads Religion

Science vs Religion

Definition of Religion: Religion is norms,values, or a way of life to an individual or community. A spiritual guide that governs ...

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Admin Published on 06/03/2000 1431 Reads Religion

An examination of the question of the impeccability of Jesus Christ

The New Testament authors had no qualms about declaring that Jesus was truly human and telling us that Jesus committed no sin. Bib...

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Admin Published on 06/03/2000 1604 Reads Religion

Social and Political Reactions to Mormon Polygamy

"We are a peculiar people," Elder Bruce R. McConkie once said (McConkie 25). The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is on...

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Admin Published on 06/03/2000 2632 Reads Religion

The Old Testament

The Old Testament is a compilation, and like every compilation it has a wide variety of contributors who, in turn, have their indi...

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Admin Published on 06/03/2000 1327 Reads Religion


I am hoping I can somehow make this seem like a psychological report without making it lose any of it's important details. My goal...

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Admin Published on 06/03/2000 1588 Reads Religion

Life After Death

The Afterlife is an area of human consciousness we all enter upon leaving the physical world at physical death. Throughout history...

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Admin Published on 04/25/2000 1415 Reads Religion


Zoroastrinism is a small religion made up of about 140,000 people. even though there is only a small amount of people practicing ...

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jaray321 Published on 03/26/2000 1041 Reads Religion

Comparison Of Judaism And Christianity

There are many substantial and vital distinctions between Judaism and Christianity. Of course there are many similarities, primari...

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Admin Published on 03/14/2000 1757 Reads Religion

The Meaning of Life -Opinion

My beliefs on the meaning of life in religion and interpretation of such things. In approaching the question of 'the meaning of l...

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Admin Published on 03/14/2000 1418 Reads Religion


A way of life and philosophy well ahead of its time when it was founded over 500 years ago, The Sikh religion today has a followin...

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Admin Published on 02/20/2000 3219 Reads Religion

Sikh Dharma

Sikh Dharma, the youngest of the world religions, is barely five hundred years old. Its founder, Guru Nanak, was born in 1469. Gur...

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Admin Published on 02/20/2000 1233 Reads Religion

Comparison of Buddhism and Taoism

Taoism and Buddhism were born in the same century. Siddhartha reached enlightenment in approximately 535 B.C. and Lao Tzu’s teachi...

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laldrich82 Published on 01/18/2000 1489 Reads Religion

Sikh Religion

The Muhl Mantara describes as one ,infinite,undying and unborn. Jaap sahib says is substainer,liberatoe,enlightener,infinite,des...

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Admin Published on 01/06/2000 1495 Reads Religion

The Survival of Jesus' Teachings in the 3rd Millenium

Will the teachings of Jesus Christ be able to survive the 3rd millennium? Jesus emphasized the actions and teachings of God by usi...

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tayapearson Published on 12/12/1999 968 Reads Religion

Beliefs and Practices: Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism

The religions of Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism all have there own beliefs. These beliefs play a big role in a person’s everyday ...

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Lokochic Published on 12/09/1999 1663 Reads Religion

The Flogging of Jesus

John 18:39- but it is your custom for me to release to you one prisoner at the time of the Passover. Do you want me to release `th...

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Yogi36 Published on 12/03/1999 2102 Reads Religion