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Uploaded by bikram on Nov 12, 2000

This is my personal thinking about my Religion, Cultural, Tradition and my land Punjab. I didn't mean or think of criticizing other peoples from other religions or cultural. If you did find any mistake, than please point out my mistake to me so that I can be able to understand it and made it correct. There is no copyright, feel free to copy or share it with others.

Who is Sikh?
Introduction: In today’s world every Sikh person faces lots of trouble on both sides West and East world. Whenever a person talking about Sikh religion or heard a name "Singh" or Kaur, every person most in every part of the world took a virtual memory of a person wearing a TURBAN with full mustaches and beard or a female wearing Salwar Kamiz with Chuni. Sikhism is considered to be a newest religion in this world. There are approx. 25 millions Sikhs all over the world, most of them living in Punjab, India.

Ancestors of our Sikh Religion?
From 2500 A.D. to 1400: As you know that Sikh religion born in the early of 14th centaury, so naturally you can guess that mostly all people living at that time are particular Muslims or Hindus or Non-Religious. Many great rulers invaded India. First India was invaded by Aryans from Europe, came through the west side of India. Aryans drove Dravidians to the South. Aryans settled in the whole north region from Punjab to Delhi. The most meanest and dirtiest thing Aryans did was the Caste System. Than India was regularly invaded by Persians, Huns, Arabs (Mughals), Turks, Greeks, Sythanians, British.... and so on... So you now pretty much got the background History of our Ancestors.

What are the problems that Sikhs faced from the beginning till now?
From 1400 - NOW: Sikh is the Caum (kind of race) which barely most Non-Sikh people can figure it out. Let me start this way: Most of every Sikh was very very great warrior, they are still now and they will be. If Sikh can't able to get justice, they will get it in various ways, and they did get it many times in the past hundred years. Sikh holiest Shrines called " Darbar Sahib" " Golden Temple" has been attacked two times, once in the time of Mughals Rule and once by Hindu Fundamentalist in late 1984.

Current Issues:
Sikhs in this centaury: There are many Problems that Sikhs...

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Uploaded by:   bikram

Date:   11/12/2000

Category:   Religion

Length:   3 pages (646 words)

Views:   1078

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