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Science And Technology

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Term Papers 331 - 360

Angular Momentum

Angular momentum and its properties were devised over time by many of the great minds in physics. Newton and Kepler were probably ...

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Admin Published on 11/18/1999 2711 Reads Physics

Animal Communication

Throughout this course of study, the concept of language as the demarcation between animals and humans has prevailed. Further, as ...

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Admin Published on 11/18/1999 2010 Reads Science And Technology

Y2K: Should We Be Worried?

Some people wonder what Y2K is, and whether it is true or false. Should we be worried about Y2K? Some people are sure it is false,...

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alanisjam Published on 11/18/1999 1832 Reads Technology

Operating Systems

An operating system is the program that manages all the application programs in a computer system. This also includes managing the...

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Admin Published on 11/17/1999 2060 Reads Science And Technology

Teenage Depression

Depression is a disease that afflicts the human psyche in such a way that the afflicted tends to act and react abnormally toward o...

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Admin Published on 11/16/1999 1872 Reads Science And Technology

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy in our Blood Supply

The well-being of the blood supply has always been a vital component of human existence. It is common knowledge that the existing ...

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Admin Published on 11/16/1999 2410 Reads Animals


We act like animals, we eat like animals, and we are animals. The many theories of evolution such as Darwin's theory of evolution ...

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obi_wan_2000 Published on 11/10/1999 1723 Reads Biology

Health Aspects of Cocoa

Thesis: The development and distribution of cocoa has had a positive effect on today's society because of it's active role in dail...

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Kdominoe Published on 11/08/1999 1158 Reads Science And Technology

Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram or, the H-R Diagram for short, is a graph which plots stars according to their temperature and abs...

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Admin Published on 11/06/1999 2007 Reads Science And Technology

The Human Eye

The Eye is the organ of sight. Eyes enable people to perform daily tasks and to learn about the world that surrounds them. Sight, ...

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limpbizkitgirl39 Published on 11/04/1999 1690 Reads Biology


We all know that action is the key to success, and we always try to be the very best. But in a world that will try to knock you do...

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Admin Published on 11/03/1999 1655 Reads Science And Technology

The Future in Technology

Can you imagine a machine so big it dwarfs entire planets? Can you imagine a machine with a single goal, a single purpose? Can you...

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wvanzyl2 Published on 10/25/1999 1261 Reads Science And Technology

The Bottle-Nosed Dolphin

The Bottle-nosed Dolphin is the most studied and generally the best-known species of dolphin. Bottle-nosed dolphins are classified...

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ben_tuni Published on 10/22/1999 2362 Reads Animals

Communications Technology: Global Information Infrastructure

Introduction We are in the midst of a global information revolution driven by the convergence and proliferation of information and...

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jkylewalke Published on 10/18/1999 1392 Reads Technology

History Of Physics

Early Physics Physics began when man first started to study his surroundings. Early applications of physics include the invention ...

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straw_berry_4 Published on 10/10/1999 2163 Reads Physics

Physics Prac - Mesuring Wavelengths of Light

Aim: To determine the approximate value of l for red light using a diffraction kit. Theory: Diffraction of light is one explana...

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lioannid Published on 10/09/1999 2045 Reads Physics


Aim: To examine characteristics of a converging lens and the images they create. Also to examine the focal length and how the focu...

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lioannid Published on 10/09/1999 1823 Reads Physics

Physics Research Assignment - Solonoids

Summary of Investigation An investigation was carried out to find out the relationship between the force created in a wire (or so...

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lioannid Published on 10/09/1999 2584 Reads Physics

Erectyle disfunction

Will we ever be able to produce something capable of making us reach the optimum of one of humankind's most basic needs? Will ther...

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Admin Published on 10/02/1999 1886 Reads Biology


Depression is a psychiatric disorder characterized by feelings of worthlessness, guilt, sadness, helplessness, and hopelessness. I...

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mytehawk Published on 09/15/1999 1490 Reads Science And Technology


Cannabis Sativa (marijuana) has been thought to be an illegal and very harmful drug for many years. But as you read this report yo...

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upinya187 Published on 09/15/1999 1812 Reads Science And Technology

Technology's Impact on the Rain Forest

With all the technological advancements, the rain forest has been greatly effected. Not only have the trees been cut down but also...

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Raquelle82 Published on 09/15/1999 2116 Reads Science And Technology


Nitrogen was isolated by the British physician Daniel Rutherford in 1772 and recognized as an elemental gas by the French chemist ...

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EarlJob Published on 09/15/1999 1431 Reads Science And Technology

Why Xeon Doesn't React

Xenon is a rare, colorless, odorless, tasteless, chemically unreactive gas. It is one of the inert gas elements found in group 0 o...

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Admin Published on 09/15/1999 2260 Reads Science And Technology


There are many kinds of networks, however this paper will be about networking computers. As we move further and further into the p...

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Admin Published on 09/14/1999 1541 Reads Science And Technology

Human Evolution

Evolution is the complexity of processes by which living organisms established on earth and have been expanded and modified throug...

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marcoslb Published on 09/14/1999 1334 Reads Science And Technology


Like the biblical hero Adam, a single cell let part of it's body become another being, now one of a pair. Like the heroin Eve this...

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harleywench Published on 09/14/1999 1393 Reads Science And Technology

Infectious Mononucleosis

Cause Infectious mononucleosis is caused by the Ebstein-Barr virus, which is a member of the herpes family. This family also inclu...

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laura_cal Published on 09/14/1999 1339 Reads Science And Technology


The History of Cloning The theory of being able to make a genetic copy (a clone) of another animal has been around for quite a whi...

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mytehawk Published on 09/14/1999 1419 Reads Science And Technology

The Controversy Around Banning Books

The subject of censorship is a very controversial one, especially the banning of books. Many people believe they must protect them...

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sniper357 Published on 09/13/1999 1633 Reads Science And Technology