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Term Papers 211 - 240

Liberal/Conservative Traits in Editorial Columnist Donald Kaul

Donald Kaul, a Tribune Media Syndicate’s newspaper veteran of twenty five years, can be said to be famous for his often sarcastic ...

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athena700 Published on 04/01/2000 1296 Reads Miscellaneous

Surviving the Last Plantation

Self-preservation, natures first great law, All the creatures, but man, doth awe. -Andrew Marvelle Love, family, and small thrill...

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Admin Published on 03/26/2000 1144 Reads Miscellaneous


What is exercise? The actual definition of exercise is; to use repeatedly in order to strengthen or develop, but to make it simple...

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iampaulok Published on 03/22/2000 1625 Reads Sports


Socrates believes that the everyday world is an illusion compared to the world of knowledge. People are often too distracted by mo...

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Admin Published on 03/19/2000 1379 Reads Miscellaneous


What does procrastination mean? Is it the stereotypical meaning of laziness? And this word, “procrastinate” has over time become d...

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starfire Published on 03/05/2000 1027 Reads Miscellaneous


Soccer is a popular sport played all over the world. Even though it has only been popular in the United States for the past 30 yea...

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oink820 Published on 02/26/2000 3675 Reads Sports

Aristotle's view on the nature of human life: Is it correct?

Is life really about the 'money', the 'cash', the 'hoes', who has the biggest gold chain or who drives the shiniest or fastest car...

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dropthechalupa01 Published on 02/26/2000 1466 Reads Miscellaneous

Free-will and Determinism: Conflict and Choice

Suppose that every event or action has a sufficient cause, which brings that event about. Today, in our scientific age, this sound...

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dropthechalupa01 Published on 02/26/2000 1216 Reads Miscellaneous

Why Athletes are Good Role Models

Ever since the ancient years, we have admired athletes and the hard work that they do to achieve their goal of winning. We idolize...

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Marcin11 Published on 02/20/2000 929 Reads Miscellaneous

Thinking, Values, and Beliefs

Ideology is a way of thinking that reflect the social needs and political doctrines of an individual or group. There are many diff...

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Admin Published on 02/11/2000 1411 Reads Miscellaneous

Dissertation on Pain

Pain is a universal constant. It is a reaction to anything detrimental to one's well-being or comfort. In any form of reality, it ...

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blademaster78 Published on 01/22/2000 855 Reads Miscellaneous


That formidable force that makes one believe that one needs what one usually only desires; that mind-set that is really more of an...

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garymitchell Published on 01/19/2000 1095 Reads Miscellaneous

Skin Care

The eyes are described as the windows of the soul, the mouth as the courier of thought, and the nose as the servant of olfaction. ...

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411 Published on 01/17/2000 1652 Reads Miscellaneous

Cultural Analysis on Death and the Afterlife

If there is one constant in this world, it would surely be death. Dying is an unavoidable part of life. Indeed, everything that li...

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Xavier0 Published on 01/16/2000 984 Reads Miscellaneous


Pez was invented in 1927 in Vienna, Austria by an already accomplished candyman named Edward Haas III. The word "Pez" comes from ...

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verwey Published on 01/01/2000 1318 Reads Miscellaneous


Over the past Century, terrorism has evolved from random killings to massive plans for terrorist groups. To understand terrorism y...

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Admin Published on 12/20/1999 1618 Reads Miscellaneous

Death Leads To Matuarity

In the entire life cycle of a human being, teenage stage is the fun, memorable, and some time the wild part. In this teenage stage...

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aseelan3 Published on 12/19/1999 1277 Reads Miscellaneous

Moral Political City

Plato and John Rawls give to us an account of a moral community in which they both presupposed different views of the human person...

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Admin Published on 12/12/1999 1117 Reads Miscellaneous

Hot 107.1- interview with a radio personality

When I'm in a car riding down the street there is only one radio station that I really enjoy, KXHT 107.1. The music they play is q...

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Admin Published on 12/11/1999 899 Reads Miscellaneous

Gender Bias in Language

Language is a very powerful element. It is the most common method of communication. Yet it is often misunderstood an misinterprete...

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Admin Published on 12/08/1999 2097 Reads Miscellaneous

My Goals and Aspirations

It is sad how my expectations have gone down with every year of high school, but I guess that is just what the real world is all a...

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sbcalimbas Published on 12/01/1999 1707 Reads Miscellaneous

School and Work

Juggling work and school, finding time for having fun, and liking what someone does, these are some of the problems that plague yo...

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sbcalimbas Published on 12/01/1999 1239 Reads Miscellaneous

Breaking Up

Once in a person's lifetime, everyone finds this one perfect person whom they fall hopelessly in love with and live happily ever a...

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sbcalimbas Published on 12/01/1999 1608 Reads Miscellaneous


Whether it occurs in the home, at work, or many other places, human beings maintain relationships everywhere they go. People have ...

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sbcalimbas Published on 12/01/1999 1223 Reads Miscellaneous

Application Essay

"If you try hard you'll succeed, just keep on trying," my mother always says. As far back as I can recall, my parents have always...

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sbcalimbas Published on 12/01/1999 1185 Reads Miscellaneous

Beer: The Production History and Consumption Of Beer

The first and most important step in brewing is cleanliness. "Brewing is ninety percent janitorial," said Frederick Bowman, founde...

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Admin Published on 11/28/1999 1165 Reads Miscellaneous

Why do people help others?

To discuss why people help others we must consider whether people are by nature selfless or selfish. The dominant view today in ps...

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han Published on 11/27/1999 1851 Reads Miscellaneous


A literary and philosophical movement called transcendentalism developed in the United States in the first half of the nineteenth ...

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Admin Published on 11/25/1999 923 Reads Miscellaneous


Psychology is the study of human behavior, how we think, feel and act. Psychologists study both normal and abnormal behavior to un...

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profighter_q Published on 11/24/1999 1047 Reads Miscellaneous


A young man lives in a place where the word "I" does not have meaning. It is a society where there are no individuals. It is, howe...

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Admin Published on 11/18/1999 869 Reads Miscellaneous