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Dissertation on Pain

Uploaded by blademaster78 on Jan 22, 2000

Pain is a universal constant. It is a reaction to anything detrimental to one's well-being or comfort. In any form of reality, it must exist. Pain is never any easy experience, but it is necessary. After all, can one truly appreciate pleasure without pain? Or realize the relief that comes when pain is absent? Pain also strengthens. Pain increases tolerance for itself, but also allows the body to increase its defenses against injury. It is a warning of injury, and an indication of what shouldn't be done. And still it cannot be appreciated. In short, pain hurts. Pain exists in both main realms of humanity: the physical and the mental. Physical pain can be very difficult, but it is the easier of the two. In the physical realm, things are black and white. Something hurts, something is injured, and the body takes steps to correct it. There is always the correct path to take, and in most cases, the body can effect repairs automatically. Any assistance that you give it are helpful, but you have very little conscious responsibility for the reparations. Most physical pain heals, although it can leave permanent damage behind. In the end, though, it is the emotions that come from the physical pain that hurt more than the actual sensation. Emotional pain is far more injurious. For it is here that we lose our objectivity. No matter how much we put the two together, our actual being does not lie in the body. The body is not US in the truest sense. It is simple the vessel in which we travel. Any injury that happens to the body is outside our actual consciousness, and therefore separated to a certain extent. Certainly, the body is a part of us, but it is rather an extension of that consciousness that lies in the brain, the two of them working in sync. Emotional pain hits us where we live, literally. It is inside where we can't reach, and what we don't truly understand. The eye sees not itself, and so it is with the brain. Logical conclusion from emotional pain is impossible, because our logic is affected by our emotional center. We cannot observe the brain from its exterior, and so our efficiency in dealing with the problem is greatly impaired. To make matters worse, there is no black and white. No matter has been transposed, no physical wound has been...

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Uploaded by:   blademaster78

Date:   01/22/2000

Category:   Miscellaneous

Length:   4 pages (817 words)

Views:   1562

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Dissertation on Pain

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