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Term Papers 181 - 210

Teaching Methods

When comparing and contrasting the hands on method to the lecture method many people prefer the hands on method. This allows the s...

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Mack55_23 Published on 12/14/2000 2243 Reads Miscellaneous

The Days

It all happened so fast; it felt like a dream. I wish I could tell everybody my story but no one is listening now. Yeah, that w...

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HiNrgAnx Published on 12/14/2000 1691 Reads Miscellaneous

Why is Communication so Important?

It is essential that everyone is capable of reading, writing, and communicating in an articulate and organized manner. Unfortunate...

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Admin Published on 12/12/2000 2515 Reads Miscellaneous

Women’s Dormitory

Studdmann is a dormitory located on the campus of Concordia University in down town Austin Texas. It is not a men’s dormitory nor ...

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Admin Published on 12/11/2000 1804 Reads Miscellaneous

Enigmatic Quirigua

One of the last lowland Mayan cities to collapse, existing well into the 9th century, Quirigua, lies today in the still grasses of...

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Admin Published on 12/05/2000 1787 Reads Miscellaneous

Can you love someone too much?

What a question to ponder! I have tried writing this essay many times and have realized that this is a very difficult topic. “Is i...

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RobbiethestudAnderson Published on 12/04/2000 1945 Reads Miscellaneous

Samoan Language

Samoan is a rich language that remains the principal language of the people of Samoa. The Samoan language is exquisite and quite e...

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justgap Published on 11/29/2000 2843 Reads Miscellaneous

Heroes and Villains

Is a hero a person who wears tights and a cape and goes around saving the world? And is a villain a person who schemes evil plots ...

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Admin Published on 11/26/2000 2348 Reads Miscellaneous

The Process of An Essay

Do you know how to write an essay? Writing an essay could be easy or hard. Some students cannot do it well and that is why they ha...

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Sexylips79 Published on 11/16/2000 2099 Reads Miscellaneous

Christmas Traditions

In every culture or tradition we have our different ways to celebrate Christmas. In Latin culture we have our unique way to celebr...

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www.gomez-macedonio Published on 11/15/2000 2227 Reads Miscellaneous

Petty Lawsuits

Are we Sueing for a Purpose? People today are not sueing to rectify matters. There is no purpose in lawsuits today. I believe e...

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j_hegarty Published on 11/15/2000 1931 Reads Law

Albanian Teenagers

Depending on the respective culture, the life of a teenager can vary greatly. Certain cultures demand more from their teenagers in...

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Admin Published on 11/14/2000 2257 Reads Miscellaneous


Veterinarians are doctors who treat diseased and injured animals and give advice on how to care and breed healthy animals. The fir...

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Admin Published on 11/07/2000 2568 Reads Miscellaneous

The general theory of love

Assumptions: 1. All people are of the same quality. 2. All people are constrainted maximizers. 3. One can only stay with an opposi...

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ttcericwong51 Published on 11/01/2000 1913 Reads Miscellaneous

Cookies vs. Doughnuts

Cookies and doughnuts are both yummy treats, but they also have their advantages and disadvantages. Cookies for instance can be pr...

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hosaman Published on 10/11/2000 2004 Reads Miscellaneous

The Meaninglessness of External Causes

Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites Some philosophers say that our life is meaningless...

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palma Published on 10/09/2000 1762 Reads Miscellaneous

Death, Life and the Question of Identity

Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites A classical point of departure in defining Death, ...

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palma Published on 10/09/2000 2041 Reads Miscellaneous

Launching Aircraft from an Aircraft Carrier

When an aircraft is launched off the flight deck of a ship at the beginning of the day, it starts off by fueling up. While the pla...

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scpen25 Published on 10/07/2000 2164 Reads Miscellaneous

A Letter about Trust

Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites The Narcissistic condition emanates from a seismic...

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palma Published on 09/11/2000 2116 Reads Miscellaneous

College: Time to finally "shed my skin"

College is the greatest opportunity in the world. Where else would I be able to study what I want to study, rather than what I am ...

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Taurylilly48 Published on 08/12/2000 1812 Reads Miscellaneous

Differences between University and School

In recent years, although tertiary education is certainly popular among Hong Kong students. It is unlikely that all students can e...

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yenidy Published on 06/27/2000 2382 Reads Miscellaneous

Advertisers take us for Spend-thrift Fools

ADVERTISING a collective term for public announcements designed to promote the sale of specific products or services. Advertising ...

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Crimson Published on 06/17/2000 1660 Reads Miscellaneous

Breaking Up

She cried, cried on my shoulder and asked me for a chance, a chance to be with her again. But her simple request was finally refus...

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io_einstein Published on 06/16/2000 1320 Reads Miscellaneous

Dying As A Result Of Fraternity Hazing

Hazing (subjecting newcomers to abusive or humiliating tricks and ridicule) has always been seen as a secretive campus activity wh...

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drinkbeerwithme Published on 05/30/2000 1960 Reads Miscellaneous


A Japanese proverb says, "The nail that sticks out will be hammered down." Society tries to place many rules on us as individuals ...

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CaseyG16 Published on 05/24/2000 1886 Reads Miscellaneous


Imagine that you've just turned 16 and your parents bought you a brand new Mustang. You're cruising on the street at approximately...

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crazzami Published on 05/22/2000 2844 Reads Sports

M1 Garand Rifle

Intro I am doing this report on the M1 Garand for Mr.Walker 182's History Class. The Garand is a fascinating World War II semi-aut...

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esplin_9466 Published on 05/22/2000 2736 Reads Miscellaneous


When Nietszche stated that 'evil' was the term given to noblemen by resentful people, he in-fact was referring to something of a m...

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lcg Published on 05/08/2000 1466 Reads Miscellaneous

The Zodiac Killer

The late 1960’s and early 1970’s represented a great deal of things to a great deal of people. To the San Francisco Bay area, as w...

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DGolemi Published on 05/04/2000 3091 Reads Miscellaneous

The Truth of Dreams

Dreams, what are dreams? For many years I have wondered what dreams are made of. After much thought and deliberation I have stumbl...

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Admin Published on 05/04/2000 2076 Reads Miscellaneous