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American History

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Term Papers 61 - 90

Abraham Lincoln's Abuse of Power

Lincoln's use of executive authority during the civil war is many times illegal and unjust; although his issuance of the Emancipat...

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christina_cloud9 Published on 03/03/2002 2194 Reads Civil War

James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams

While President Jefferson's policies were to a great extent diverged from those of Washington and Adams', President Madison's poli...

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christina_cloud9 Published on 03/03/2002 1638 Reads American History

Federalist Policies

After the establishment of the constitution, the Federalist administrations faces many significant challenges when dealing with th...

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christina_cloud9 Published on 03/03/2002 1823 Reads American History

American Revolution

Many factors influences the American rebellion known as the American Revolution. Though political influences existed, the American...

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christina_cloud9 Published on 03/03/2002 1590 Reads American Revolution

Colonial Society and Economy

There were numerous effects of the French and Indian War; the Peace of Paris of 1763 ended the French and Indian War, closing all ...

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christina_cloud9 Published on 03/03/2002 1278 Reads American Revolution

Wilson’s Fourteen Points: a Path to Peace or to Renewed Conflict

Wilson’s Fourteen Points were a decent attempt at peace and restitution after the Great War; however, there were many inherent pro...

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agatina Published on 03/03/2002 1701 Reads American History

Black status: post civil war america

After the emancipation of slaves in 1862, the status of African-Americans in post civil war America up until the beginning of the ...

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agatina Published on 03/03/2002 1371 Reads American History

British Justification, causes of the American Revolution

A Non-Oppressive View of Things The American Revolution should not have happened. The British were not tyrannical, oppressive r...

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agatina Published on 03/03/2002 1591 Reads American Revolution

Jackson as a President: Yesterday and Today

The Andrew Jackson Administration, from 1829 to 1837, was very important in American history. A self-made man, Jackson exemplified...

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agatina Published on 03/03/2002 1446 Reads American History

Why America will break from britain (point of view from time period)

Wither America: Part of Empire, an independent state, or many small states? The history of American colonies and their presen...

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agatina Published on 03/03/2002 1423 Reads American History

Were blundering politicians the main political cause of the american civil war?

Discuss the view that the main political cause of the American civil war was the leadership failings of a “blundering generation” ...

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essayqueen Published on 02/21/2002 1906 Reads Civil War

The American Revolution and its Links to Propoganda

The colonists during and before the Revolutionary War believed that they had many well-thought reasons to rebel against England. S...

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AeronBlake Published on 02/18/2002 1267 Reads American Revolution

The Vietnam Conflict and its Downfall

In the mid to late 1960's the Vietnam Conflict was greatly controversial. This is mainly due to the fact that it was an undeclared...

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AeronBlake Published on 02/18/2002 889 Reads Vietnam War

British Incompetence

The haphazard and disorganized British rule of the American colonies in the decade prior to the outbreak led to the Revolutionary ...

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Brent Goodin Published on 02/15/2002 1349 Reads American Revolution

Colonial South Carolina Report (1750)

George the Second, by the grace of God, of Great Britain, King, Defender of the Faith, I write to thee from the heart of South Car...

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Brent Goodin Published on 02/15/2002 1324 Reads American History

Analysis of an American Trial: The Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials all began on January 20, 1692, with nine-year-old Elizabeth “Betty” Parris and eleven-year-old Abigail Will...

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Raven731 Published on 02/12/2002 1651 Reads American History

September 11

Today’s military has seen numerous changes that have taken place since Sept. 11 2001. Why is it before the 11th of September, the ...

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websterr Published on 02/11/2002 1241 Reads American History

Rise and decline of the KKK

The white were taking the law into their own hands by killing any black that should be said guilty of any crime. They called this ...

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lokodios Published on 02/06/2002 1633 Reads American History

The Killer angels - Chamberlain: A True Leader

Michael Shaara presented Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain in his The Killer Angels not only as a courageous, heroic soldier with outsta...

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Addorable Published on 02/03/2002 1289 Reads Civil War

Roosevelt - The West and the World

America as a whole nation is fighting for the rights of the American people by attempting to preserve democracy. Franklin D Roo...

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babyboo Published on 01/29/2002 1173 Reads American History

Impacts On The American Revolution

Many things contributed to the American Revolution besides the American people themselves. Some influential ideas that contributed...

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Jeremy W Published on 01/08/2002 1143 Reads American Revolution

Early Colonial Settlements

In the early seventeen hundreds, after the establishment of both New England and the Chesapeake, many similarities and differences...

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Bosindy2 Published on 12/09/2001 1886 Reads American History

Northern and Middle Colonies

When the northern and middle colonies were founded, England had a strong hold over the colonies. They controlled development and t...

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Bosindy2 Published on 12/09/2001 1263 Reads American History

Native American Relations

During the numerous years of colonization, the relationship between the English settlers and the Native Americans of the area was ...

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Bosindy2 Published on 12/09/2001 1978 Reads American History


During the early years of colonization and exploration in North America and Africa, many New World "collided" and brought to each ...

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Bosindy2 Published on 12/09/2001 1544 Reads American History

Expansionism in the late 19th/ Early 20th century

Expansionism in America during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century shared many similarities and differences to that of...

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Bosindy2 Published on 12/09/2001 2549 Reads American History

The Articles of Confederation

The Articles of Confederation were the first basis of law and order in the newly formed United States. They built the first govern...

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Bosindy2 Published on 12/09/2001 1961 Reads American History

Clay, Calhoun, Webster

In 1816, soon after the end of the War of 1812, the British, who had failed to defeat the Americans in battle, attempted to shut d...

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Bosindy2 Published on 12/09/2001 2281 Reads American History

Foreign Policy

Foreign policy relates to international matters such as participation in NATO, international trade agreements, and maintaining pea...

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Duchess1013 Published on 12/08/2001 1193 Reads American History

9/11 - The Way we Were

As you listen to the news, radio, or read a newspaper, you notice one thing in common after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Ce...

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Admin Published on 12/05/2001 1138 Reads American History