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Why America will break from britain (point of view from time period)

Uploaded by agatina on Mar 03, 2002

Wither America:
Part of Empire, an independent state, or many small states?

The history of American colonies and their present pattern of development mean that they are not simply overseas versions of England. For this reason it could be inferred that, in fifty years time they will no longer be a part of the British Empire. At the same time, their individual differences in economy and culture will make it difficult for the colonies to form a unified country on the American continent. Furthermore, the size of the American colonies themselves and their waterways and coastlines make it harder for them to be controlled by the British Empire

Each region of America is different from regions of England, as well as from other regions within America. The climate and the land of America ranges from warm, semi-tropical and fertile in the south to mainly cold and rocky in the north. Economically, north and south are very different, and quite independent of each other, capable of their own production, whether it be in crops, fisheries or a trading industry. The large expanses of land in the south make it possible for everyone to have land, but soon the ‘possibility’ of land and the implementation of a ‘head right’ (more land to those with more indentured servants) has resulted in an internalized class system in the south. The small number of people who own the land, have become a sort of ruling class or elite; having the most power in American political bodies. This ‘feudal’ society in which a small number of people own the land is reflective of that of England. The fertile lands of the south promote its agricultural status, which brings in a large percentage of all southern revenue. This is drastically different from the north, which because of a lack of fertile land has a mainly commercial and fishing-based economy. The natural harbors and great expanse of forestland work well together in the north. The timber from the forests has brought on a thriving shipbuilding industry, while the natural harbors make it easier to build up ports for trade. It is odd to see a land of such great size and ability as America controlled by a smaller entity, but the rate of expansion of American industries, population and landmass will make it harder for Great Britain to maintain control. This control by Great Britain is, in the American viewpoint,...

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Uploaded by:   agatina

Date:   03/03/2002

Category:   American History

Length:   5 pages (1,227 words)

Views:   1562

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Why America will break from britain (point of view from time period)

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