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Term Papers 571 - 600

Humanism and Clericism of the 16th century

The two paintings, The conversion of St. Paul by Caravaggio, and lady writing a letter with her maid by Vermeer, reflect the relig...

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tabs27 Published on 11/28/1999 1609 Reads History

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong is one of the most controversial leaders of the twentieth century. He has been known both as a savior and a tyrant to t...

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Admin Published on 11/20/1999 1863 Reads History

German Immigration to the Midwest

German Immigration: A story told by the ghosts of the past "The day I left home, my mother came with me to the railroad station.W...

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limbiz311 Published on 11/20/1999 1318 Reads American History

Origins of World War II - Book Review

World War II was much more than battles, statistics, politics, and opinions. The things that contributed to its beginning, what ha...

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sjrober Published on 11/20/1999 1605 Reads World War II

How Mercantilism Helped to Shape the American Nation

In the Middle Ages, the definition of wealth was based on the amount of productive land. According to this definition, France was ...

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Admin Published on 11/19/1999 1394 Reads American History

Victorian Clothing

Through out history people have been influenced by many things in society, art, music, and role models are all some of examples. O...

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Admin Published on 11/18/1999 2151 Reads History

War of 1812

War of 1812, conflict between the United States and Great Britain from 1812 to 1815. Fought over the maritime rights of neutrals, ...

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knb31 Published on 11/17/1999 1333 Reads American History

Chinese Footbinding

The ancient Chinese custom of footbinding caused severe life-long suffering for the Chinese women involved. When researching the s...

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Admin Published on 11/16/1999 1667 Reads History

Progressive Historians

One must decide the meaning of "progressive historiography." It can mean either the history written by "progressive historians," o...

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Admin Published on 11/16/1999 1824 Reads American History


Ramses the Pharoah was a ruler of Egypt who had giant statues and temples built. He considered himself a living god. Ramses glorif...

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Admin Published on 11/16/1999 1469 Reads History

Timeline 1945-1964

1945 Ho Chi Minh and his People's Congress create the National Liberation Committee of Vietnam to form a provisional government f...

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Kdominoe Published on 11/08/1999 1805 Reads History

Comparison of Martin Luther King, Jr and Malcom X

They were black men who had a dream, but never lived to see it fulfilled. One was a man who spoke out to all humanity, but the wor...

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merced3291 Published on 11/06/1999 1799 Reads American History

Mafia History

What is the Mafia? Some believe the word Mafia was the battle cry of an Italian rebellious group- this battle of cry was the follo...

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z.aviles Published on 11/06/1999 2290 Reads History

Decay of the Roman Empire

Edward Gibbon says the decay of Rome was inevitable. He writes that instead of inquiring why the Roman Empire was destroyed, it is...

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Admin Published on 10/25/1999 2288 Reads Ancient Rome

The Versailles Treaty

The Treaty of Versailles was intended to be a peace agreement between the Allies and the Germans. Versailles created political dis...

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Admin Published on 10/25/1999 1735 Reads World War II

Whitewater vs. Watergate.

Whitewater vs. Watergate. Both are political sandals that have rocked the nation. As Watergate unraveled, many of Nixon's dirty ta...

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mandydot Published on 10/25/1999 1817 Reads American History

The Rise of Germany to a Fascist State

During the 1920's and early 1930's Germany was unstable socially economically and politically. The governments were more often in ...

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nel_88 Published on 10/23/1999 1804 Reads History

Downfall of the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire was strong for a time. It was founded on geography, family values, military strength, and wise leadership. It flo...

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Admin Published on 10/21/1999 2501 Reads Ancient Rome

Columbus the Villain

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. And, when he reached his destination he killed, raped and enslaved innocent natives. Was C...

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superhyperchick Published on 10/21/1999 1609 Reads American History

The Incas

The Inca were South American Indian people who ruled one of the largest and richest empires in the America's. The Inca Empire bega...

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Admin Published on 10/21/1999 2284 Reads History

The General Strike of 1926

Why did the General Strike of 1926 fail and what were the effects the strike had upon industrial relations in Britain? The Genera...

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Admin Published on 10/19/1999 1833 Reads European History

Early north American Colonies

With the General success of the Jamestown colony, the idea of having more people sent to the new world was not far from the minds ...

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jrrohan Published on 10/19/1999 1297 Reads American History


The King was overthrown in 1973. Muhammad Daoud took the power as President of the Afghanistan. He established an autocratic, one-...

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Admin Published on 10/18/1999 1968 Reads History

The Hopi Indians

In the southwestern United States, above northern Arizona, are three mesas. The mesas create the home for the Hopi Indians. The Ho...

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shortyck84 Published on 10/14/1999 1871 Reads American History

Freedom in the United States

No other democratic society in the world permits personal freedoms to the degree of the United States of America. Within the last ...

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acesea Published on 10/12/1999 1663 Reads American History

The History of the Ku Klux Klan

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is one of America's oldest and most feared groups. Driven by the dream of a world with only one master race...

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Admin Published on 10/11/1999 1345 Reads American History

Causes of the Franco-Russian alliance

During the late 19th century many countries sought an alliance with other countries to guarantee their own safety, preserve peace ...

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tobybill Published on 10/09/1999 1858 Reads History

A Testament of Hope - Martin Luther King

"Letter from Birmingham Jail" is a clearly written essay that explains the reasons behind, and the methods of nonviolent civil dis...

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Admin Published on 10/07/1999 1698 Reads American History

Postwar Effects on Women

The "feminine mystique" that American culture promotes is entirely dependent upon its ideas, beliefs, and needs of the time. Ameri...

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irishlank Published on 10/07/1999 1512 Reads History

Media in the Seventies

Media has forever changed the way people live today and it changed lives in the seventies. In the seventies the media was importan...

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shearer_jeff Published on 10/04/1999 1604 Reads History