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Mark detested himself – for being so brainless at times, for the lack of ideas within his head when there was meant to be enough t...

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xhodrebel Published on 08/31/2000 1257 Reads Creative Writing

The Kiss

Hesistant, he feels Drumming his fingers against his side Keeping cool, as he tries Directing attention to the sky Nevously, h...

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xhodrebel Published on 08/31/2000 1696 Reads Poems


When things go wrong, When things don't go the way you wanted, You know it's the right time To call it quits. He or she wouldn...

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xhodrebel Published on 08/31/2000 1700 Reads Poems


Anthony, soaked in his own perspiration after a friendly soccer match, barged through his classroom door angrily, with his soccer ...

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xhodrebel Published on 08/29/2000 1110 Reads Creative Writing

Revenge at it's Sweetest

Only a few slow moving tumbleweeds occupied the desert terrain. The endless plain of dust and hot dry dirt seemed to have no occup...

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Admin Published on 08/27/2000 1599 Reads Creative Writing

When will it end?

You may heard of me in ancient history. I am Genghis Khan and I,would like to share a story that was not recorded in history.In 11...

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genghiskhan2000 Published on 08/24/2000 1138 Reads Creative Writing

Rose Circle

Rose, oh how you lie there, Lifeless and withered, Deprived of water and of food, You struggle to survive, You catch the odd...

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gantoris Published on 08/22/2000 1791 Reads Poems

Sesame Street (Drug Trip)

I see the world, With eyes of yesterday, The fear of death lies around the corner, The smell of drugs on the street, You lie...

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gantoris Published on 08/22/2000 1863 Reads Poems

Angle Reborn

Looking to the world, Looking to myself, I feel hurt, torn, My heart feels crushed, Crushed amongst the ones, Amongst the f...

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gantoris Published on 08/22/2000 1653 Reads Poems


Bridges are crossed daily, Some more often then other, Live consist of bridges, Some more stable than other, And if you fall...

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gantoris Published on 08/22/2000 1948 Reads Poems

Who are we?

Thoughts of trouble turn to rubble. Eyes closed. Mind free. Confusion is embraced by our dreams. Eyes closed. Mind ...

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calvind13 Published on 08/17/2000 1514 Reads Poems

After thousand years

I want to believe to a memory and love, left man after him and no matter what he did no matter what he does and will do in his fut...

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anamak Published on 07/30/2000 1487 Reads Creative Writing

If I could make his dream come true

Now Jack is an old man of sixty five - a friend of mine and he is an invalid. Having been a child of two years he injured in a car...

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anamak Published on 07/30/2000 1531 Reads Creative Writing

No one can turn back time

A light breeze blew across my face, my feet were on the soft sandy beach. I was standing there turning towards the ocean the sun w...

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unknown Published on 07/29/2000 1586 Reads Creative Writing


SOMEONE When Someone is born Someone dies. When Someone laughs; Someone cries. If you love Someone let them know For they ...

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Admin Published on 07/10/2000 1522 Reads Poems

Dangerous Encounter

It was a dreadful afternoon, big droplets of rain fell directly on my face and clothes. I tasted the droplets that mixed with my t...

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Admin Published on 07/09/2000 1407 Reads Creative Writing

A Story of a Bird

A bird was flying through a forest and had very luckily and eventually found his best tree to build a nest to stay, to enjoy and t...

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ttcericwong51 Published on 07/04/2000 1655 Reads Creative Writing

A Forgettable Trip

The words on the sign that hung outside the bar gleamed: “Black Jack’s Bar.” After I jumped off my five-speed mountain bicycle and...

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goldenboy005 Published on 06/23/2000 1487 Reads Creative Writing

Times of war

The sweat hung heavy on Steven's cold features. He was walking as calmly as he could down the corridor. Given the chance he may ha...

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Lawler Published on 06/12/2000 1459 Reads Creative Writing

My Dream

A dream is a dream, is a dream. So come with me to a place not so far away where a dream is a dream and skies aren’t so grey. A...

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jwhit462 Published on 05/30/2000 1690 Reads Poems

Foster Child

But I guess tomorrow will flow away from the breath of today and cast to exist no more. For the world acts as a whore and gives yo...

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spiritgirlii Published on 05/26/2000 1854 Reads Poems

The Appalachian Trail

When I was in the seventh grade, our class went on a field trip to Cherokee, North Carolina. The trip lasted four days and three n...

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kimberleigh14 Published on 05/24/2000 1805 Reads Creative Writing

My Magic Mirror

I often wonder who the girl is whose face I examine every morning in the large mirror hanging above my desk. In some ways I do fee...

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peggy Published on 05/22/2000 1615 Reads Creative Writing


We hear about gruesome things all the time. We are sympathetic for the people they happen to but then we shrug it off and move on....

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SlopeyBunkles Published on 05/21/2000 1478 Reads Creative Writing

What America Means to Me

America is a wonderful place to live, because we are free. Freedom is important, and many people in other countries do not have mu...

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SaraConnolly Published on 05/16/2000 1961 Reads Creative Writing

Dreamer's Dream

You may cry and wipe your tears away, Bleed may you do till the end of days, You may see and dream the bay Of stones and shadow...

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Vickria Published on 05/06/2000 1540 Reads Poems

What Christmas Means to me

Christmas to me is a celebration, which includes spending time with my family, decorating the entire house, inside and out, and sh...

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litlmomm Published on 05/05/2000 1723 Reads Creative Writing

A Time To Go

"Man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart." ~1 Samuel 16:7 On the inside, Jared Higgin was just a regular k...

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Isiaca Published on 05/04/2000 1738 Reads Creative Writing

Persuasive Essay: Gotham's City Cemetery

Constructing a cemetery is very useful for many reasons. People in Gotham City should construct a cemetery instead of a monument b...

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magy_la-loca Published on 05/04/2000 1998 Reads Creative Writing


It must have been around eleven o'clock in the morning when I awoke from a stuffy and uncomfortable sleep, in the back of a moving...

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Waltohar Published on 05/03/2000 1700 Reads Creative Writing