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Revenge at it's Sweetest

Uploaded by Admin on Aug 27, 2000

Only a few slow moving tumbleweeds occupied the desert terrain. The endless plain of dust and hot dry dirt seemed to have no occupants, it was as if the ground hadn't been walked over for years. Suddenly, the seemingly endless silence was broken by a gradual fade into a chaotic rumbling. The sound grew more ferocious and eventually became unbearably loud. Just then in the distance behind a cliff, a cloud of dust appeared and out of it raced seven cars racing at insane speeds. It looked as if the cars had been built from scraps of hard iron and metal for the sole purpose was to fight against other contenders in this barren wasteland.

In front of the pack was a sleek fast car, being pursued by six other cars, but one could tell the leading car was an extremely experienced driver possessing total control of the vehicle. The dark and mysterious figure behind the wheel of the leading car was wearing a helmet with the name "MAX" on the side of it. Max reached across the seat and pulled out a shotgun, and after putting it out the window shot a round back at the following pack of cars. Immediately after one car at the back swerved dangerously and rolled several times before bursting into flames sending pieces of metal all the barren wasteland.

A pack of cars was quickly approaching a deep canyon, they would have to break hard now to avoid hitting the edge of it. Max didn't slow down, Max pushed the accelerator with such an extreme force and determination that it seemed as if the car screamed in pain as it lurched forward, faster than ever. Then the car leapt off the canyon's edge and became airborne. Gliding through the air without any control of the car didn't seem to faze Max at all. The car seemed to delicately touch down on the other side as if there was a bridge. The following pack ended up being obliterated against the other side of the canyon's jaws.

Max was finally alone, killing off the opposition had been easy, almost too easy! Searching for the final destination was difficult due to the similarity of the horizon in every direction. Yet eventually a dark mass loomed up, "Looks like the bastards hideout", Max muttered. "Taking care of them will accomplish my vendetta for what they did to my love".


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Uploaded by:   Admin

Date:   08/27/2000

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   3 pages (732 words)

Views:   1600

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Revenge at it's Sweetest

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