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Term Papers 301 - 330

Your Smile

I see you across the room, Laughing with your friends. Not noticing me watching you, Staring at you. Not noticing me. I’ve gr...

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pixi_stix Published on 05/27/2002 1916 Reads Poems

The believer

“Take me to your leader”, Jireehove or, as his friends called him, Jig said to the chief gate-guard. It was a tall and gorilla-lik...

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Mikhail Published on 05/26/2002 1621 Reads Creative Writing

The black cloud

“Oh my God, anything but rain”, I whispered into the night air that suddenly turned cold. Although I knew that my prayers wouldn`t...

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Mikhail Published on 05/26/2002 1452 Reads Creative Writing

The Crow

The mob stood before the gates that could lead them to inner chambers. They stood there, unsure what to do. No one could have pred...

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Mikhail Published on 05/24/2002 1686 Reads Creative Writing

The other world in front of us

A nail, with some name engraved on it, suddenly appeared in the man`s hand. He settled it firmly with almost automatic movement on...

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Mikhail Published on 05/24/2002 1344 Reads Creative Writing


You Can Buy With Money Alot a Things, But You Can't Buy Love, Honesty,and Trust....

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honest man Published on 05/14/2002 1503 Reads Poems


My love for you was always there, But our friendship has just began. ...

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swagzs Published on 05/08/2002 1701 Reads Poems


I dont remember the song in my heart, But somehow my dear, I think you do. I dont remember the day I said 'I love you', Bu...

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swagzs Published on 05/08/2002 1456 Reads Poems

Masters of the Universe: the theif of castle greyskull

As evening approaches on the planet Eternia, the Masters of the Universe – guardians of good – gathered outside of the Castle Gray...

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Evan Published on 04/14/2002 2155 Reads Creative Writing

The Sequel to The Great Gatsby

Over the years, the Buchanan’s continued to live their lavish, carefree lifestyle free of hardships. Tom came into considerable lu...

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frollypoo Published on 04/10/2002 2334 Reads Creative Writing


Why must there be death? Death is sad. So why must we bare sadness? Because nobody can stop death. Why do people die...

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angeloflight23 Published on 04/09/2002 1697 Reads Poems


Lonliness I am always lonely. I wish I wasn`t. I think I have friends. I find out I haven`t. Lonliness You get a...

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angeloflight23 Published on 04/09/2002 1926 Reads Poems


Burn Burn Burn Down to the ground I don`t care if the school burns I just want it to burn burn down to the ground Burn...

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angeloflight23 Published on 04/09/2002 1763 Reads Poems


I felt like I was dying. My Hero pulled me from deaths door. I felt like I had no friends. My Hero proved me wrong. I felt lik...

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angeloflight23 Published on 04/09/2002 1519 Reads Poems

Lovers in the Dark

Lovers in the Dark Running fingers through each others hair Showing how they care. Showing the love they share. Lovers in th...

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angeloflight23 Published on 04/09/2002 1530 Reads Poems


Rain Rain Rain Pouring down Dreary rain coming down Makes me want to frown Why must it rain Rain makes me want to cry...

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angeloflight23 Published on 04/09/2002 1573 Reads Poems

Human Pride

Hey everyone its 2002 and it's time for something new Now ya'll hear me out cuz i don't wanna shout Show some of your love to th...

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azn_scholar Published on 04/01/2002 1596 Reads Poems

The Birthday Boy

The lights were dimmed as the music was turned up and more drinks passed around. Euan, the birthday boy sat beside me on the sofa ...

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crazydoll Published on 03/23/2002 1610 Reads Creative Writing

Proverb Analysis

Have you ever helped a friend or family member in need? Or even a stranger? You probably did this out of good intent and wanted to...

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MafiaBoy85 Published on 03/15/2002 2304 Reads Creative Writing

An Exciting Season

Winter is my favorite season for a variety of reasons. First, I love when snowdrifts pile up high and deep. Second, when it does s...

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bballstar91 Published on 03/15/2002 1605 Reads Creative Writing

Forbidden Thoughts

Why? That’s all I have to ask, why. Why is it that there are people in this world who take advantage of their good fortune and kee...

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MafiaBoy85 Published on 03/14/2002 1645 Reads Creative Writing

Shakespeare's Epitaph

Three cen’tries ago, I was a legend. The genius behind my work had no end. But that was back then, during my lifetime, Now they...

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MafiaBoy85 Published on 03/14/2002 1696 Reads Creative Writing


Dragged from your home in the dead of night They are armed with guns you cannot fight You are evil, they are right You will fal...

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Donno119 Published on 03/04/2002 1600 Reads Poems

I have to be with you

I felt the breath of the wind tickling my back, I felt the cold hands of the clouds on my face. I could hear the whisper of th...

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britney Published on 03/02/2002 1347 Reads Poems

The Message

bomb! Your computer has just been shut down! “Damn it, this always happens!” Said hendrick. “Hendrick!! Come here!” Said his mothe...

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Ribak Published on 03/01/2002 1638 Reads Creative Writing


Drowns his sorrow in liquid bliss. Drowns his self as well. Hide all the pain under a bottle. Escape from this depressing hell....

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Donno119 Published on 02/28/2002 1436 Reads Poems

Night in the Desert

I lie on a boulder in the bottom of a desert canyon. The boulder has been warmed by the intense heat of the previous day, and even...

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britney Published on 02/28/2002 1605 Reads Creative Writing

My Mediocracy - On love, life and high school

I was sitting laughing. This was my graduation, but I was not giggling for any reason like the friends I would miss or the remembr...

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Escada Published on 02/27/2002 1779 Reads Creative Writing

A Chance Meeting

It was a warm summer day when his life turned upside down. He and some friends had been enjoying some delicious pizza you could on...

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pixi_stix Published on 02/25/2002 1599 Reads Creative Writing

Close Encounter

The air was beginning to cool, the day’s warmth a thing of the past. Stars shone from up above, and she was thankful for small fav...

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pixi_stix Published on 02/25/2002 1616 Reads Creative Writing