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Uploaded by Donno119 on Mar 04, 2002

Dragged from your home in the dead of night
They are armed with guns you cannot fight
You are evil, they are right
You will fall to Hitler’s might.

They strip you bare
Are you scared?
You cannot win the battle.
You’ll die in there
But they don’t care.
They herd you in like cattle.

Showers that wash your life away.
You’ll never see another day.
This is the heavy price you pay.
All that’s left to do is pray.
So breathe in deep, it will be your last
You can’t breath long with all this gas.

As you slowly die in this human pound
Choking is the only sound
Then silence as you hit the ground
The Nazi’s win another round.

Ashes float to the ground like snow
The scent of burning flesh so strong
Into the incinerator you will go
But it won’t hurt for long.

Flames lick your naked skin, as it melts away
And you are quickly fried
A pile of ashes is all that stays
This is the way you died.

Experiments, with no anesthesia
The knifes slices you and you cry
You’re just a human guinea pig
And they leave you on the table to die.

Fluids pumped inside your head
Doctors burn you until your end
They freeze you until your cold and dead
surgeons make cuts that will not mend.

You are dead, and cannot be saved
So your body is thrown in a crowded grave

Hundreds buried where only one can fit
Crammed in tight and close
Dead bodies thrown into a pit
This is how your funeral goes.

This was your fate
Cruel and unfair
But it's to late
You no longer care.

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Uploaded by:   Donno119

Date:   03/04/2002

Category:   Poems

Length:   1 pages (241 words)

Views:   1442

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