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Term Papers 61 - 90

Minister Louis Farakan

In today's society it does not take much to bring about a change in the way we as a people think. In the prompt, choosing a livin...

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21mia15 Published on 06/26/2001 1589 Reads Biographies

Bill Gates

New Learning – “A Life Worth Knowing About” William Henry Gates, also known as “Bill”, has established himself as the richest m...

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schroedez Published on 06/02/2001 1691 Reads Biographies

Jackie Robinson

Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born January 31, 1919. He was born in Cairo, Georgia and was the youngest of five children. He had a g...

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schroedez Published on 06/02/2001 2047 Reads Biographies

Woodrow Wilson

THOMAS WOODROW WILSON was the 28th president of the United States. Born on the 28th of December 1856, he was an American scholar a...

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jester_828 Published on 05/29/2001 3373 Reads American Presidents

Malcom X

They were black men who had a dream, but never lived to see it fulfilled. One was a man who spoke out to all humanity, but the wor...

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Kristel Published on 05/26/2001 2058 Reads Biographies


In this project I will be explaining about Galileo’s life & what he contributed to our world. If you never actually knew exactly w...

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fat_puta Published on 05/17/2001 1629 Reads Biographies

William I

Early Life William was born in 1027 in Falaise, France. His parents were Duke Robert I of Normandy and Arletta, a tanner’s daught...

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lexus_94574 Published on 05/15/2001 1548 Reads Biographies

General Muhammed Zia-ul-Haq - Pakistan History

Q. Discuss in detail the Islamization programme of General Muhammed Zia-ul-Haq as the president of Pakistan. A. Islamization Pr...

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ojm99 Published on 05/08/2001 2107 Reads Biographies

Benjamin Franklin - American Hero

Throughout history icons emerge in each era that define that time, men who define the thinking, technology, culture, religion, and...

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thosser Published on 05/08/2001 2078 Reads Biographies

Samuel Sewall

Samuel Sewall born in 1652 in England. He was taken as a child to Newbury, Massachusetts, and graduated from Harvard in 1671. He b...

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thosser Published on 05/08/2001 2241 Reads Biographies

F. Scott Fitzgerald: His Beautiful and Damned World

F. Scott Fitzgerald was born into a Catholic family in St. Paul, Minnesota, on September 24, 1896. Educated in private prep school...

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nycyclone99 Published on 05/05/2001 1932 Reads Biographies

Osama Bin Laden

Why do people resort to such violent acts as bombing, assassinations, and hi-jacking? How do individuals and organizations justify...

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stick_ucsb Published on 04/30/2001 1824 Reads Biographies

Frederich Neitzche

Neitzche once wrote “He who strays from tradition becomes a sacrifice to the extraordinary.” It might be said that this was a refl...

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luvevilangel Published on 04/15/2001 1183 Reads Biographies

Mein Kampf and the Formation of Hitler's Ideas

The dominant political figure of German history in the twentieth century, Adolf Hitler, was born in a lower middle class family in...

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Pinar Published on 04/13/2001 3435 Reads Adolf Hitler

Aleksis Kivi

1. Who actually was Aleksis kivi? 2. What did he write? 3. What was the book about? 1. Alekesis Kivi was a play writer, poet...

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Nigger Published on 04/11/2001 1779 Reads Biographies

Lucille Ball - A Role Model to All

There are so many role models throughout the world that are looked up to. We usually admire these people for their good deeds and ...

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coolkris15 Published on 04/09/2001 2230 Reads Biographies

Kim Campbell: Descriptive Biography

In a democracy, government isn't something that a group of people do TO everybody else, it's not even something they do FOR every ...

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Admin Published on 03/27/2001 2239 Reads Biographies

Robert Hayden

American poet, Robert Earl Hayden, born in Detroit, MI on August 4, 1913 had a reputation for finely crafted and powerfully medit...

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sandyrhoades Published on 03/26/2001 1498 Reads Biographies

Al Capone

The Rise and Fall of Al Capone Alphonse Capone was born in New York City by two parents Gabriel and Teresa Capone. Capone's par...

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rinaldo420 Published on 03/25/2001 2383 Reads Biographies

Grant HIll

In someway grant was a typical boy. He was energetic and playful. He liked to ride his dirt bike around the neighborhood. And, of ...

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Admin Published on 03/11/2001 1819 Reads Biographies

Pierre Curie

Born in 1859 in Paris, Pierre Curie was a French physicist who spent a great deal of his life dealing in the fields of chemistry a...

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teapotica Published on 03/05/2001 1676 Reads Biographies

Dr. Stephen Hawking; Man of Mystery

Dr. Stephen Hawking has been considered to be more brilliant then Einstein. Dr. Hawking was born on January 8 1942 in Oxford, Engl...

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apparitionz Published on 03/04/2001 1904 Reads Biographies

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver was a African American scientist who showed many intriguing thoughts of nature throughout his life span o...

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0ptik Published on 03/04/2001 1389 Reads Biographies

Hitler's Rise to Power

Adolf hitler was born in brannau, austria on the 20th of april 1889. His parents belonged to the settled middle class and his fath...

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RAVER140 Published on 03/03/2001 4187 Reads Adolf Hitler

Bill Gates

William Henry Gates III - The remarkable man with the remarkable bank account. Early Life William Henry Gates, also known as “...

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Admin Published on 03/03/2001 1732 Reads Biographies

J.R.R. Tolkien

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, creator of a world. When someone who knows Tolkien is asked about his works, one thought comes to mind,...

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stygius Published on 02/27/2001 1676 Reads Biographies

Margaret (Peggy) Timberlake Eaton

Margaret (Peggy) O’Neal (who preffered to be called Margaret) was born in 1799 in Washington DC. She was the daughter of William O...

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jjf579 Published on 02/26/2001 2280 Reads Biographies

David Livingstone

David Livingstone is a Scottish missionary and physician. He spent most of his life exploring Africa. He helped Europeans learn a ...

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nooneelse8 Published on 02/24/2001 1418 Reads Biographies

Martha Washington

In 1633, the Reverend Rowland Jones came from England to the colony of Virginia. He had graduated from Oxford University and in Wi...

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MichMazz Published on 02/24/2001 1802 Reads Biographies

Father Solanus Casey

Father Solanus Casey played an important role in many people's lives, just like Jesus. He believed that living a good life meant l...

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vannarii Published on 02/10/2001 1895 Reads Biographies