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Kim Campbell: Descriptive Biography

Uploaded by Admin on Mar 27, 2001

In a democracy, government isn't something that a group of people do TO everybody else, it's not even something they do FOR every body else, it should be something they do WITH everybody else.
"Kim Campbell, March 25th, 1993

Avril Phaendra Douglas Campbell was born in Port Albeni, B.C. SHortly after her birth her parents moved to Vancouver where her father was studying law. Her family life didn't turn out to be succesful, so her parents divorced when she was 12. By the age of 13 she changed her name to Kim. She was always on top in her Prince Of Wales Secondary school and she marked the begining of her political career by being the first female student president.

In 1964, Kim went to the University Of British Columbia where she topped in Political Science. There again she was elected to be the first female freshman president. After graduation, she took some graduate courses at The Institute of International Relations, before she got a scholarship to London School Of Economics. She returned to Vancouver in 1973 and began lecturing at Simon Fraser University and Vancouver Community College.

In 1980 she returned to University of British Columbia to study law, at the same time she got involved in local politics. Later in 1983 she got elected into Vancouver School Board as a chairsperson. Her status caught the attension of the governing at that time Social Credit party and they asked her to run as a candidate in 1984 provincial elections. Even though she lost she was offered a job as a policy advisor to B.C. Premier Bill Bennett.

When Bennett resigned in 1989, Kim ran for a provincial leader Bill Vander Zalm. In the electionthat year she won a seat in legislature. Here she made herself recognized for opposing premier's views on abortion. By 1988 Campbell was praised by the Conservative party. Conservative''''';;'"??/???s cabinet minister Pat Carney was about to retire, therefore he needed replacement. Kim campbell ran and won the 1988 election.

She was offered a positiion as a Minister of State for Indian and Northern Affairs. In 1989 she became the first female Minister of Justice. She prooved herself again as a politician. She introduced a bill overlooking gun laws. The 1989 Montreal massive killing forced her to propose more strict gun laws.

Kim Campbell was also praised when Bill C(49) was drafted after the Supreme Court announced the 1983 "'rape sheild' law as...

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Uploaded by:   Admin

Date:   03/27/2001

Category:   Biographies

Length:   3 pages (670 words)

Views:   2240

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Kim Campbell: Descriptive Biography

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